View Full Version : Pro-rate VIP conversion from Premium, based on # of packs purchased.

02-11-2014, 10:13 PM
Was perusing another thread, and several former VIPs lamented their feelings of wasteful spending regarding becoming VIP once again. Specifically, how much money they have spent on adventure packs as a Premium member, and how that would all go away since VIPs get (mostly) auto access.

My suggestion is this:
Allow a reduction in price of VIP based on the number of packs you have individually purchased and/or an extension of VIP sub length based on pack ownership. These perks would remain and would not be one time only.

I think this could bring more people (back) into the fold, and coupled with some really good perks, ala heart of wood, would show a marked increase in VIP membership.

Also, advertise more.