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02-11-2014, 07:31 PM
EDIT: Please disregard PDK part in title. I shouldn't try to think up builds instead of trying to sleep. Post edited some, to try to cover my shame.

I've been fiddling around with a character concept based on a WSS Clonk. This is essentially a flavour build, just trying to see if it can be useful as well.

The class split is a Human 18 Cleric/2 Monk.

Heroic feats (7 base, 1 race, 2 class) are:

Empower Healing Spell
TWF x3
WF: Slashing
Whirling Steel Strike
Adept and Master of Forms
IC: Slashing

Approximate enhancement layout:

Human: 3
RS: 35 (up to Aura)
WP: 33 (up to Core V)

Rest of points into either DD, or Shintao for Earth Strike and off-hand chance.

I had hoped to play in Divine Crusader ED.

As you can see, this is a very rough draft. When it comes to attributes and epic feats I'm unsure which direction to go. So far, it's a pretty even 14-point distribution across the board (except INT). If it's possible, I'd like to boost WIS, get some metamagic or SF feats in the epic slots (maybe even drop IC:S and stick with Oathblades) and try to get casting to levels usable in EH. But if it's not possible without capstone and investing heavily in DD, I'm tempted to do a more traditional battle cleric, and get Cleave chain instead.

So I guess my question is this:

With starting 18 WIS, +4 tome, all level-ups and all enhancements to WIS, I can reach 32 (at level 20) before equipment. Assuming I pick up Heighten, appropriate SF and twist, would this be enough to make my spells land reasonably (70% or so) often in EH?

02-12-2014, 12:16 PM
I did a 17/2/1 cleric/monk/fighter. 1 fighter for the feat. I made the decision to go melee vs casting. If I need to heal people, I tend to use most of my sp healing.. so I chose melee to focus on.

Feats were similar to yours, w/o Whirling Steel. Put 4 points in Ninja enhancement for Short Sword use and 3% dodge. You want the dodge anyways. Other feats were Max, Emp.Heal., Quicken for healing. All the rest are melee.. : Power Attack, C, GC, Adept of forms, IC-Bludgeoning, TWF,ITWF,GTWF, Stunning Fist

Enhancements :
RS : t5 to get aura
WP : t4 for Emeliorating Strike, Blur, 2xWis
Ninja : 4 for blur
Shintao : 10% offhand, and 15ppr in earth stance

My stunning fist DC is now 69. Get the Consuming Darkness from what goes up, and a stunning Seal of Dun'Robar from house of rusted blades.. then you can use whatever handwraps you love the most.

I twisted in +6 tactical DCs from LD, and Sense Weakness from Draconic. I'm running in GMoF atm.

I'll have to say, it's not EE dps, but I'm gradually getting better. I don't have fast enough reactions for EE, and my mouse has a tendency to periodically jump to the top of the screen.. which usually leaves me dead in EE content.

The build is a blast though. I was using twin celestias for non-stunable mobs. I'd recommend spending your feat on something other than Whirling Steel. Wraps w/Stunning fist is just too good for most stuff.

Edit : The spell DC is ok, but not great. All level ups in Wis. To get consistent destructions in EH, I usually have to enervate first. Implosion usually gets 1-2, sometimes more based on the quest.