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02-09-2014, 02:59 PM
As the title suggests, I think it would be fun to maybe have a way to be in multiple guilds at one time. Here are my ideas.

- A character could be in up to 5 Guilds.
1. They can have 1 "Main Guild" - Shown on the guild tag and gets the most renown. (Guild Leaders can only be in 1 Guild, but can have up to 3 choices of "Support Guilds" In which they can set an amount of their earned renown to be deposited.(IE: Main Guild - 85% G1-G3 - 5% Each)
2. 4 "Alternate Guilds" In which they can talk in guild chat and share the Renown. Such as: Main Guild(50%) G2-G5(10% Each, with more if you have fewer guilds. IE: If you have 3 guilds, Guild 1 gets 50% of the renown, 2 and 3 get 25% each).
3. In the guild tab, you can select each of the guilds on the right-hand side like on the character sheet between the bio.
- The guild chat is where it could be difficult, instead of typing /g a player with multiple guilds might have to type /g1 /g2 /g3 /g4 /g5. I know this is sort of like channels but you can't really "support" channels.
- Guild Airships: You can only visit your Main Guild Ship itself.
1. To visit any other alternative guild, you must have another member on it. (You can be the only person on your main ship, just not your alternate)
2. I had an idea that there could be an option for the Guild Leader himself/herself to make what members can use the Guild Chest.
Options could Include:
- Leader Only
- Officers or Higher
- Members of Main Guild
- All Members
- New Guild Bonuses for Players and Guilds.
1. Like the tiny-large guild bonuses, you can get a structural guild bonus: Pure(No alternate members) + 1% Guild Renown; Fair(10 or less) +3% Guild Renown; Moderate(10-24) +5%; Disorderly(25+) +10%
We would want a larger bonus for more people to excite the idea of Multi-Guilding.
2. Another concept I was thinking was if we got up to 5 choices of airship(big idea hehe). That way a player could bring a bonus from 1 ship to another. Suggesting that each type of airship gets a special buff only available to that ship.
3. Guild Crafting Idea
- Each Type of Guild Ship has a specific random generator of an effect they can put on an item(will use an example through colors). Ingredients are like renown bonuses in chests, if you don't get renown, 50% chance to get ingredient.

Example(Windspyre - Yellow, Stormglory - Blue, New1 - Green, New2 - Purple, New3 - Red):

Yellow: Takes XX number of ingredients and gives you a random base item (ML 0 - No bonus, just a blank item)
Blue: Takes Item and Applies XX Weapon effect(Prefix or Suffix), or corresponding item effect (ML +3 - Any Weapon effect. IE: Cold Touch on a Longsword -- Cold Resistance -5 on a shield or armor)
Green: Applies a selected bonus, +1-+5 ML is affected
Purple: Improves the effect on Blue(3 Tiers) - Bonus to ML (IE: Icy Burst -> Icy Blast. -- Superior Cold Resistance 30 -> 40) Also, more ingredients could make it better. :: IE: Electric Blast -> Lightning Strike ::
Red: Applies a selected Slot(Up to 2) and sells augments maybe for astral shards(we have no out of Shard Exchange use for them other than airships atm anyway)

Thanks for Reading and Tell Me What you think, I know there are a lot of things here but they all sort of correspond to guild.

- Silver ^_^

02-09-2014, 03:03 PM
Can't you simply join user channels?
There's no need for beign in 5 guilds at once.

02-09-2014, 03:16 PM
I know it is a weird concept, but when players get some guild invitations(I don't mean random invites from invite everyone guilds) it would be nice to be able to help out more than one guild at a time. I find myself wanting to be in multiple guilds at once across many toons, but wouldn't it be easier to get renown to multiple guilds on one toon?

Also there's more than just being in multiple guilds in the post.

02-10-2014, 05:05 AM
Instead of getting too far into the details of "what" your proposal is, would you mind expanding on the "why"? What problem does this solve?

02-10-2014, 07:44 AM
I forsee the first time someone tries to zone into an airship the server explodes and tasty ham buries everyone in the building alive.

02-10-2014, 09:02 AM
Instead of adding more complexity to the guild system, I'd rather see Turbine enhance the channels giving owners of the channel more control:

- See who's there, both online and potentially on the channel at all
- Change the password instead of having to rebuild the channel
- Be able to move players (even if just by name instead of account) from the channel
- More?

This would let people be able to maintain their channels with better ease.