View Full Version : Idea for Epic quest for a scroll case that can cast scrolls without equiping

02-04-2014, 03:14 AM
The idea is a scroll case for inventory. The scroll case would allow you to cast scrolls without equiping them, but limit scroll level and at most the case can hold 2 different scrolls.
Tier the scroll case, 1st tier might be 1 scroll held lvl 1-3. A maxed case might hold 1 scroll at up to level 6 and 1 scroll up to level 4(maybe 4 and 4, so heal isn't unlocked). The case should probably also be limited to characters 25+. Using the case would also incure a penalty of double or 1.5x the recast time of scrolls cast this way. Possibly also a +3 UMD enchancement when in inventory. Perhaps even make this scroll case fit into the quiver spot for character equipment.

The idea is that the quest would be exceedingly long. Needing an item from at least 20 different quests and those items should have low drop rates(maybe even rarer). Use already existing quests. This could also be a mechanic to bring people back to unused dungeons or to sell more adventure packs. Lower the drop rate on those dungeons and people are bound to end up running those quests again and again.