View Full Version : "bound to account" / "bound to character"

02-01-2014, 06:46 AM
Do we really need so many items that are "bound to account" / "bound to character"?

I use the daily dice feature irregularly. More often I get as rewards XP tokens, various boost potions (e.g. XP boost, slayer boost, guild favour boost), Skill Upgrade tomes, etc. Unfortunately most rewards are bound to account.

It's ok that the XP tokens are at least bound to account so they can be hoarded for a future use on a new character.

Since I don't TR I have no need for all those boost potions. More often these get destroyed to free up bank slots. I wish I could at least sell them on the auction house.

Another nuisance are all those upgrade tomes. Most of the time I can't use the upgrade tomes because I miss the previous tome(s). Upgrade tomes which drop during playing can be sold on the auction house. Those won through daily dice end up blocking a bank slot. Eventually to be destroyed.

I don't min/max that much and building viable 28 point builds is more interesting as you have to make build priorities. As of now I have 3 differeent accounts and quite a few bank slots are blocked due to "bound to character" and "bound to account" items. I can understand that certain equipment is "bound to account"/"bound to character", but potions and update tomes?

02-02-2014, 11:15 AM
you get the upgrade tomes so that you have to buy the +1's. DDO marketing itself into a corner.
(im assuming you mean those Skill tomes)