View Full Version : PDK eldritch airforce

01-23-2014, 04:02 AM
disclaimer: this is a fun build idea, no super self-sufficient ee build.

14 sorc (wings from air savant, eldritch knight melee damage, haste, rage, displacement, tensers)
4 paladin (great saves, some strength for tactical moves)
2 fighter (you have to be fighter for PDK, and a fun build is not worth doing a +1 LR for)

main stat: cha
-cha to damage
-cha to saves
-cha to str (divine might)

Max, Empower, Quicken (for SLAs), Extend (for short buffs)
PA, Cleave, Great Cleave, IC: slash
force of personality

Playstyle: soften them up with lightning SLAs, then jump in with wings and start cleaving with your charismatic greatswort. Going S/B with longsword is also possible. Self-healing comes from lay on hands, wands and scrolls.