View Full Version : REQUEST BUILD: Looking for Viable PDK Druid Build

01-19-2014, 03:05 PM
Hey All,

I have not played a druid before. But I want to get 2-3 PDK Druid PL out of the way. As such I will be needing to go through Epics, but because I don't want to haul around a ton of gear I done plan on this build being gear optimized.

I already have 1 Wiz, 1 Sorc, 2 Rog, 1 Rgr PL behind me.

I plan on only generally running through EH content.

I would prefer not to LR out of the fighter level.

I have seen a 1 wiz/2mk/17 d build that seems like I could make it work for the PDK swapping the 1 wiz with 1 ftr.

I have some gear that could be used for it, but I have been running around with repeaters as an int build most of the time.

Any suggestions out there?

01-20-2014, 08:05 AM
If you want to make a caster I'd swap the one Fighter Level for either the build you already stated or pure Druid. On the other side you just want the PL so the one Fighter Level won't do anything critical to a 17, 18 or 19 caster. You could still keep the Fighter Level and as bonus feat take something useful for a caster, like Dodge (Dex 13 required). If you want to make a melee build, keep the Fighter Level and either put in some more of them or another splash, depending on if you want to fight in or out of animal form. You just need at least one more Druid level than any other class you splash in to qualify for the PL, so there are many possibilities depending on your preferred playstyle.

01-20-2014, 09:04 AM
Preface, I always make my ee capable caster druids as 17/2/1 hybrids.

Pdk is workable with the fighter at one, its a little annoying, as I normally spend my level one and human bonus feat on metas, since the monk feats are restrictive, and bab issues mean some melee feats have to be delayed.

That said, for the purposes of pastlife acquisition its definately possible to deal with it.

Stats: (requires 36points and +3 dex tome)
15str, 14dex, 14con, 8int, 18wis, 8cha

Feats: (in order)

Human, power attack
Fighter, 2wf
Monk, stunning fist, deflect arrows
Levels, dodge, wiz life, quicken, max, sf evo, itwf, gtwf
Epic feats, icrit bludgeon, mental toughness, blinding speed
ED feats, ptwf, mass frog