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01-19-2014, 02:35 PM
Hello I been looking at the forum but cant seem to find a AA bard build I got all classes all races so can splash and such

Would be real happy if someone could help me out with a build im 32 pts



01-19-2014, 05:53 PM
The most basic build would be a 20 Elven Bard:
Class: 20 Bard
There are various multi-classes that will slightly up your dps, but the emphasis is on 'slight'. The only way to reach tier 5 Arcane Archer is with at least 5 levels of Ranger or completely throwing away most of the virtues of the Bard as a class.

Race: Elf
Needed for Grace and access to the Elven Arcane Archer tree.

Str 8 Dex 18 Con 12 Int 8 Wis 8 Cha 14

This leaves you 10 points to distribute. +2 Con/Cha would consume 8 of that and is probably the best choice. Strength is a dump stat, so the only reason to increase it beyond 8 would be if you like lifting heavy objects. Int is dependent on how much you like skills and Wisdom does nothing for you except Will saves.

Feats (roughly in order):
Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Precise Shot, Heighten Spell, Improved Critical: Ranged, Improved Precise Shot, Manyshot

Manyshot is taken last since it's pointless at low levels. Everything else is taken as soon as you can hit the BAB requirements (or as soon as a feat slot frees up - normally you'd take Heighten Spell later in the progression).

Heal (22 pts for 11 ranks), Perform(23), UMD(23).

You'll have two other skills at minimum. I'm partial to Balance, Bluff, Diplomacy, Hide/Move Silently and Jump myself.

Elf (22 pts) = Elven Accuracy I, Elven Dexterity II, Aeranal Weapon Training IV, Skill, Grace, Arcanum I, Arcane Archer.

This is mostly fixed in stone. You need Grace to get stat-to-damage, you need to reach Arcane Archer in the tree. Skill is theoretically 'optional', but a single AP for +3% doubleshot is too good to pass up.

Elven Arcane Archer (15 pts.) = Arcane Archer, Morphic Arrows, Metalline Arrows, Conjure Arrows, Energy of the Wild III, Force Arrows III, Soul Magic

Slaying Arrow is completely out-of-reach unless you're willing to throw away a lot of power over in Bard. Paralyzing Arrows are nice, but they age poorly and aren't really necessary with Bard CC. You don't really need much beyond Morphic/Metalline (most of the time your bow will be aligned anyway).

Spellsinger (?) = Spellsinger, Music of the ... (all), Virtuoso, Maestro of Life and Death, Lingering Songs III, Haunting Melody I, Musical Studies III, Sharp Note III, Marigold Crown (Yellow), Charisma +2, Enthrallment, Prodigy III.

This isn't nearly enough points listed to actually progress up the tree, but there are plenty of decent options to put points. You might want decent wand/scroll use (although it's expensive to get it this way). The goal is to get the capstone (Heal/Wail) and tier 5 abilities.

The above build is essentially designed to give you a good option for damage in a class that otherwise doesn't do damage. Soul Magic also saves enormous amounts of SP if you're just casting low-end spells - you'll be able to cast CMW essentially forever (which is more useful than it may initially seem). Your spell DCs won't be particularly stellar if you're putting your level points into Dexterity (necessary to get Combat Archery without tomes) but Sphere of Dancing gives you multiple opportunities to force a save.

This approach is based around the idea that you want to play a Bard and you're choosing archery as your combat method. The flip side to this approach - the highest possible archery dps build that incidentally includes Bard - will still be far below the damage potential of the highest possible archery dps build that doesn't require non-lawful alignment.

In terms of gear, you really only need one piece of gear until you hit moderately high levels: the Silver Longbow from Church and the Cult. There are a number of better longbows in the game, but few are quite so easy to acquire with such good performance. You can equip it at ML 8 and it'll probably last you until you epic levels.

01-19-2014, 07:18 PM
I won't comment much on Hjarki's build, since I don't know much about build archers.

However, I would swap his Heighten (since casting DCs will be so low anyway) to another feat, maybe Empower Healing (and if you pick up quicken in epic levels, this would make you a well rounded Healer, as well as bow user).

01-19-2014, 07:47 PM
See my Bardcher thread.

01-19-2014, 08:35 PM

look under AA builds. have a first life AA bard in there (16/2/2). could easily be modified to account for past lives, tomes, different race, etc.

01-23-2014, 02:38 PM
I won't comment much on Hjarki's build, since I don't know much about build archers.

However, I would swap his Heighten (since casting DCs will be so low anyway) to another feat, maybe Empower Healing (and if you pick up quicken in epic levels, this would make you a well rounded Healer, as well as bow user).

Heighten Spell was mainly an "I need a feat here" pick. It's not a great pick, but it's not completely worthless. If your Wizard has a 50/50 shot at getting a spell to land, you can probably muster a 25% shot - and that's enough for Otto's Sphere if you're willing to run around a bit.

Precision is also a decent choice, although you don't get the payoff you would from builds that have Sneak Attack or use Strength for damage.

I don't particularly like Empower Healing because it's really not all that effective from an SP standpoint. Classically, Empower Healing on your Heal would improve your healing by around 50% but only raise cost by 10%. With the combination of Devotion-type spellpower boosts and Soul Magic effectively reducing the base cost by 10 SP, you end up with Empower Healing only being worthwhile for Heal (and only then if you've got relatively weak spellpower). Certainly, Empower Healing would allow you to heal faster, but I haven't run into too many situations where that's really necessary in modern DDO. You don't really have the "must heal now" situations since characters tend to be structured around self-sufficiency and your healing is primarily for your own purposes.

Force of Personality is also a potential choice. Charisma is likely to be your second-best stat while Wisdom is likely to be your worst, so it would increase Will saves by a fair clip.

02-10-2014, 11:23 AM
I made a 2nd life bard based on this build:

past life ranger
I picked up the AA capstone instead of spellsinger. I have played it both ways and I like slaying arrows much much better than vigor. I feel like the damage is much higher in the end. I have played sorc at endgame, and while vigor is nice, I don't feel like it is all that powerful. I feel like the math is very much in my favor to play the slaying arrows instead of vigor especially when you factor in manyshot and fury of the wild.

I really like it so far at 28 with 87 reflex saves and evasion, trap skills, fascinate, paralyzing arrows, manyshot, and otto's dance.