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01-17-2014, 08:56 AM
Im considering goint arti next life on my caster, and am looking for a warforged arcanotechnician build with 2 monk levels.

basic ideas:

-lightning SLAs with metas and high dcs (have sorc PLs)
-crossbow as supplement for long ranges
-staff if I want to go centered (saves/prr)

int based with some dex for basic ranged feats and OL (mainly PBS/rapid shot)
int 18+lvl ups
con 16
dex 14
cha 10
str 12
wis 6

toughness (monk)
deflect arrows (monk)
point blank shot
rapid shot
PL: Wizard
Evo focus?

bracers of wind at all levels (got them from a sorc life)

any ideas about this?

01-17-2014, 10:51 AM
A few observations:

You get 4 feats from your Arti levels that aren't selected. I'd go with Precise Shot, Improved Precise Shot, Improved Crit Ranged, and something else. Artis have enough feats to max out the crossbow enhancing feats and the damage metas. Heighten may be good at higher levels. It won't work as well as other casters with 9 spell levels, but you'd get 2-4 DC on your SLAs for free for no extra cost. You'd have to dump Str and get a +3 tome for Dex to qualify for IPS at 16. Or dump Str, +2 tome and put one level up in Dex.

Fighting melee for Monk centered won't net you much here. Even at 12 the strength isn't that great, and you lose out on Runearm which if you're 18 level of Arti is pretty darn good. Also, Runearms benefit from all the crit and spellpower you're picking up from Arcanotech, while staff doesn't. I wouldn't advise trying that route.

Only points in Arcanotech will increase your spell power directly, but the Battle Engineer core abilities give you spell power if you hold a charge. For that to be realistic, it's best to have the abilities at the top of Battle Engineer to hold higher tier stable charges. I'm a big fan of rank 5 Battle Engineer and rank 4 Arcano, since you get all the great SLA stuff except for Lightning Motes and lots of great Crossbow power in Battle Engineer. Something to consider.

Maxed out SLAs with the metas will shoot you through the heroic levels. It's lots of fun. Bracers of Wind is pretty much all you need at any level, which you've got.

01-17-2014, 11:59 AM
Artificer with SLAs works exceptionally in heroics. Repeaters are actually only fallback once you get all SLAs into rotation. Battle engineer grants higher spell power, but requires significant AP investment (late heroic levels).

Replacing the xbow with melee aspect is something that I always wanted to try buy I never dared. I suspect grabbing some cleaves and Staff of Inner Sight could make a fun heroic build, particularly if you already plan dipping monk.

01-19-2014, 03:55 PM
Monk is mainly for evasion... the build is just a framework, feats arent fleshed out yet, for example I forgot insightful reflexes which adds some more reflex save. I plan to TR again right away so no need to plan for epics. Ill hopefully have 3x colors of the queen EPL by the time I TR into arti and enough tokens of the 12 for an extra heart.

Not much gear yet, but ive got a set of runearms, disable gear and cove spyglasses from another arti, cannith spell power items from caster lives, and a paralyzing repeater with festival frost. Ill craft some ordinary repeaters with holy+bleeding, screaming+bleeding, and holy of undead bane for early levels.