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01-13-2014, 12:56 PM
Did something change with Ruin?
A few months ago (November) prior to TRing, I was hitting every time for 5k+ and crit for 11k+.
Now I am back to 28 & am only hitting for 3k+ and crit for 6k+......What the Heck!!!!!
Almost nothing has changed still running aprox 650 force spell power.

What are you guys hitting for with Ruin

01-13-2014, 07:11 PM
you sure you got 600 firce spell power? If so, care to give a break down? XD. I thought only light spell power could get that high, since there arent many force spellpower abilities in the ED"s.

hard to say exactly, im hitting for 1772. with 255 force spell power (and 2522 with maximize), so somehow its registering 355 (base+255 spellpower) and 505 (base+255 spellpower+max) which is almost exactly right. sure, its decent dmg, but since metamagics raise its cost I wish it did more damage, or costed less.

to be hitting for 5k with it, you'd need roughly 775 spellpower before max/emp. which, afaik is impossible. so it was most likely bugged at that time. Did you ETR? I know that the energy crit was broken when it was first released and was since fixed.