View Full Version : Confused about the Stalwart Defender tree (Am I missing something?)

01-10-2014, 10:12 AM
As the title says, there's something I don't understand about this Fighter skill tree.
I wouldn't say I'm new to DDo, but I just haven't really played Fighters, and I don't read guides that much.

In the Tier 1 Skills for Stalwart Defender, you can upgrade your "Stalwart Defense" stance, so this means you can upgrade it at Level 1 if you want.
I don't understand why you can do this, when you can only get Stalwart Defense (to my knowledge) at level 6 in the skill tree, as your 3rd Core Ability.
And I missing something here, or am I supposed to just avoid Improved Stalwart Defense branches until I'm level 6?

01-10-2014, 10:38 AM
No, you are correct, and it's one of the "gotchas" of the new Enhancement system, namely you can spend APs to beef up abilities you can't use yet. Another example: paladins can invest APs into KotC Divine Might and Improved Restoration before they have the Turn Undead & Remove Disease feats necessary to use them.

In the case of ftrs, I recommend ignoring the SD tree entirely until you hit ftr lvl 6, at which point I dump at least 11 APs into it to pick up defensive stance and imp stance bonuses.

01-10-2014, 11:44 AM
The abilities offer stuff for the stance if you take it, however you can dump into those abilities if you want to meet higher tier requirements. Otherwise you can dump into other enhancements to meet the same requirements as well. This just allows you to get an extra boost to the stance if you take it.

Ultimately a time will come when everything is synergistic; providing a basic bonus, plus enhancing other, later enhancements as well.