View Full Version : Rebalance capstone enhancement requirements for pure builds

01-09-2014, 09:19 AM
Currently, there is little incentive to make a pure build, with some exceptions in terms of pure caster, because the capstones for each tree is quite weak. Here is a suggestion to rebalance it and make pure build more interesting:

The current capstone (core tier 6) enhancement requires class level 20 and 40 points spent in the tree. Given there are only 80 points total, you can only have 1 capstone.

Suggestion: Keep the class level 20 requirement but change the point requirement to 35. This will allow 2 capstones for class level 20 characters.

Further suggestion: picking a tier 5 enhancement from a tree locks out tier 5 enhancements from other trees. If the capstone (core tier 6) is picked, then unlock the tier 5 enhancements from that tree. This will allow 2 different tier 5 enhancement for class level 20 characters.

Of course, Turbine still needs to look at the capstones and buff the underused ones. Even with 2x capstones, some classes like paladin is still weak. But these suggestions will make pure builds more interesting.

01-09-2014, 09:20 AM
I'm down any help is help in this case.

01-09-2014, 10:25 AM
Pure builds should be the best at what they do and should be rewarded as such. Improve the capstone bonuses accordingly. Some suggestions-
1. Get +3 (or+5) to all class skills (apply to all capstones)
2. Melee oriented capstones get +1W to all weapons used
3. Caster capstones get +3 to spell penetration and +3 to the DC of all spells (or +5's)
4. Bonus feat (apply to all capstones)
5. Melee capstone get +10% melee/ranged alacrity (purity bonus and stacks with all other alacrity/haste bonuses)
6. Caster capstones get +100 sp and +25 spell power (purity bonus that stacks with all others)
7. Melee +1 crit range
plus other more class/tree specific bonuses that I don't know (many classes/trees I'm unfamiliar with)