View Full Version : Orien New Years Adventure Pack Giveaway!

12-26-2013, 10:12 AM
(Main Thread Found here- https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/433479-New-Years-Adventure-Pack-Giveaway!)

Hi all, fellow player Carrianne here. As a follow up to Olathural's VIP giveaway I have decided to do my own little giveaway. This could apply to any premium player who doesnt already own all packs, or even one who has an alternate account without all packs. If like myself you've gone VIP temporarily to take advantage of free hearts, I can award it to you once you go back to premium.

Basically, on New Year's Day, I'll be giving away an adventure pack of choice (expansions excluded) to one premium or free player out there. As with Ola's VIP gift, you must be a player on Orien, not someone coming over to Orien to take advantage of the contest. For the entry, I'd like to hear the following on this thread (If you posted previously on the Christmas thread, no need to re-post here)-

1) Which pack would you like to receive for free and why? What interests you about this pack and how would it enhance your ddo experience?

2) Why would you owning this pack allow you to participate more thoroughly in the ddo community?

I'll tip my hat as to my judging criterion and tell you that I am a pnp veteran who is more interested in lore and plot mechanics than, say wanting a pack simply because it has one coveted item, although such things are valid secondary considerations.

I will award either by having the pack directly gifted to your account (which will at that time require a username) if customer service cooperates, or if I can't do this I'll just do it via a point code. Hoping to hear about the packs you want and why, and good luck to all!