View Full Version : Iconic Free Heart

12-25-2013, 11:26 AM
I would like to (once again) ask for some sort of upgrade for Iconics on their lesser heart of wood. Given what we paid and their overall cost already (and no complaints either - I love 'em), I think including either a LR+1 or a specially priced upgrade for Iconics (from LR+0 to LR+1) should be included in the overall price.

Please (pretty please) Turbine, please give us a break on the Iconics! That would rock (and you've done so many awesome things lately that asking seemed worth it)!!!!

12-25-2013, 09:24 PM
giving Iconics a free +1 heart negates the cash flow from selling +1 hearts that Iconics generate... likely not going to happen

it also is contradictive to the 1st level class choice required by Iconics and would make much more sense just to allow Iconics to choose their first class which would make Iconics a race instead of a race/class combo and defeat the purpose of Iconics.

Now I think that allowing an Iconic who has done an Iconic TR of the same type previously to select any class they choose at level 1 makes more sense since they have already done one full Iconic life of that type already.