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12-25-2013, 10:54 AM
I have been away for 15 months and a lot has changed. Instead of searching this forum, because I am lazy, can anyone recommend a Human 32 point pure monk Shintao build. Looking for survivability, High DC with best DPS after those two conditions.

Pre-emptive thanks for the help and abuse.

12-27-2013, 02:28 AM
Any of the current top 10 threads have builds which are roughly what you are looking for.

01-03-2014, 05:12 AM
I just TRed through monk, as a dwarf, and I went full shintao until I ran out of enhancement points to spend, then dipped into dwarf enhancements and dark monk dodge and save bonuses. I skipped the shintao light strike bonuses and intimidation stuff in favor of dwarven saves, AC and tactical boosts, since you just need a couple potions for the same effect. Trust me, you won't die enough to make the top tier resurrection clickie worth it. ( I may have died 2-3 times from level 1-20, one of which was scaling Wheloon wilderness moblag) I have to say it's easily the most OP option for DDO ever. I could solo any heroic quest that didn't require multiple lever pullers on elite at level easily. I soloed elite Tor and killed the white and blue dragons, which was probably the most trouble I had. I wound up dying on the black dragons' acid, but only after I had the giant slivered and got the dragon to 50% health. I doubt I'd have much of a chance with any other class. The only two things I couldn't do expertly were ranged attacks and opening locks. Otherwise it was ridiculous. At level 18 I had 500+ HP, 90+ AC, improved evasion, all saves at 30-40 range, various instadeath abilities with terrific DCs, good self healing, and good damage. Not only that, but I could change stances to improve/suit the situation. If there's a trap, I can just change to wind stance, pop a potion of heroism and a fire/light/fire, and abundant step right through it. You'll save 95% of the time. That other 5% you may need to stop for a Wholeness of Body to regain 100hp. Completely unfair to every other class.

I boosted my WIS as high as I could, with secondary emphasis on CON, then STR. At first, I spent most of my time in fire stance until about level 14, where I then stayed in mountain stance except for wind stance to beat down the training dummy. With some stonedust wraps, I hardly ever failed on a stunning fist roll, and I could hit with quivering palm about 80% of the time. In a wilderness area or a hard run, where you could make a DC check every time, I would switch to wind or fire stance to kill stuff even quicker. I upgraded to vampiric wraps at level 12, and used them until level 20 with great results. Couple vampiric wraps whilst spamming light strike in mountain stance, and it's actually hard to die when you're getting mobbed. The more, the merrier. A white dragonscale robe, a devotion item and a concentration item help a lot. I also used the STR gloves, the speed belt, shadowsight and guardian bracers from Wheloon until I hit level 20. I crafted myself devotion, CON, resistance and concentration rings.

My only complaint would laughably be that shuriken do crummy damage and 10k stars is a weak version of manyshot. Compared to the shortcomings of every other class, I actually feel bad mentioning it. I could outright banish elementals every time, which is way more than I can say for the banishment spell i had as a Favored Soul with a much higher Wisdom.

I don't know what human offers over dwarf aside from healing amp and an abundance of 20sec clickies, but you should have absolutely no trouble completing anything with shintao. Several times I laughed at how easy things were when I was pulling my hair out with any other class. I felt like i was cheating the whole time playing monk.

01-04-2014, 08:26 PM

Some of your claims seem a little inflated. HP and AC, in particularly, seem too high vs my experiences on my monk, who just leveled through the 17-18-19 range. Not that you couldn't do it, but I think to do it you'd be making sacrifices in other areas (like damage & accuracy, etc).