View Full Version : 28 bulid Wizrd Pure running out of spell points

12-24-2013, 12:23 PM
I run out of spell points a lot searching for quick fixes anybody?

12-24-2013, 12:24 PM
What level are you? Do you have any sp gear? And INT items?

12-24-2013, 12:33 PM
I have some items that give me more sp. I'm lvl 6. and have some + to int

12-24-2013, 12:36 PM
Not knowing anything about you or your build, some general tips.

(1) Some hirelings can give Divine Vitality, which will give you back some SP. Handy thing, that.

(2) Don't spend SP on single target elimination with spells. Use SLAs if you have them, otherwise, get good at gathering up a bunch.

(3) Many wizards prefer to not completely dump STR, and swing an axe through the lower levels. Web + axe is less SP than nuke-nuke-nuke-nuke.

12-24-2013, 12:42 PM
Maximize and Empower should NOT be switched on all the time {especially at low levels when they trash your spell point pool}.

If you right click any spell on your bar you can manually choose which Meta-Magics you want that particular spell to use and when.

This applies to Extend too - It's great to have Haste, Rage and Displacement always extended but rarely will you need Long Term Buffs like Resist Fire or Mage Armour extended as you'll more than likely hit a shrine before they run out in many quests.

Also Certain Spells like Stoneskin and Protection From Energy/Elements should NEVER be extended as they are 99% of the time depleted long before their duration runs out.

Quicken is almost mandatory for certain spells - Heal Mass and Disco Ball being two {and Reconstruct on a Warforged Arcane of course} but of very little benefit to most of the rest.

Heighten is almost completely pointless pre Lvl 9 BUT of Huge Benefit post Lvl 9 {Again you don't want to be using it for EVERY Spell though!}.

No matter what Lvl you are you're going to want the highest available Gear:

Stat Gear goes up to +10 {poss 11/12] now but pre Lvl 20 the highest your likely to find is +6 and you can find that anytime from Lvl 9 onwards. {There's also an Ioun Stone that gives +6 even earlier but that's not available to a 1st life character}.
By Lvl 11 you want to have a +6 Int item on a Wizard as a matter of course.

Power/Wizardry/Magi items are also available and again you want the highest available for your level:
Power goes up in 10s - Power I being 10 spell points and Power X being 100 spell points.
Wizardry goes up in 25s - So a Wizardry II item is equal to a Power V and a Wizardy III is better than a Power VII but worse than a Power VIII
Magi is equal to Power X or Wizardy IV at 100 Spell Points
Archmagi is equal to Wizardry VIII at 200 Spell Points
The Highest I've seen is Wizardry X or 250 Spell Points.

Finally if Soloing {and many times even in groups} a Cleric Hireling with Divine Vitality is a Godsend - These can refill half your spell point bar if used right!
The Lvl 12 Miranda for example regularly gives 700 spell points!

12-24-2013, 01:35 PM
Others have mentioned some really good ways to reduce SP costs.

Here are some others:

1. Use the scrolls/wands you find during your adventuring - Especially ones that are buffs. Using the Enhancements at lower levels to raise power and DC of wands/scrolls can help make up for your smaller spell pool. If you have some coin to rub together buy scrolls from vendors. Also don't be afraid to ask if people get wands/scrolls in the chest if they wouldn't mind passing them to you.

2. When buffing party members don't over buff - Buffing party members is a good thing as spells like Blur help reduce 20% of incoming physical damage, but some people over-use Extend. Example: If Blur lasts 6 minutes normally and it is approx. 6 minutes to the next shrine don't extend. (Of course for first time people that don't know it is hard to make that judgment, but lower level quests generally have shrines enough that 1 minute per level spells don't need to be extended.). The other over buffing comes when you apply buffs that are not needed. While Resists buffs are more and more being covered by ship buffs, I still see people applying a resist to an element not present. If you uses resist spells try to avoid casting them all as most dungeons have maybe one or two main elements where resists are needed.

3. Refrain from having to attack everything; if running with a party it can sometimes feel like you have to launch a spell at everything, avoid that temptation.

4. Spell selection: As a wizard one of the best tools you have is the ability to be flexible with your spells, pick the ones that are the most effective for what you are going to encounter. IE: You are about to fight Fire Elementals, switch out your fire spells for Ice. OR you are about to fight creatures with high REFLEX saves, load spells that attack WILL or FORTITUDE.

5. Learn Spell Combinations: Sometimes Two Spells combined can be a huge spell point saver. Combinations at your level I find work great for groups - Sleet Storm + Snowball Swarm. It slows them down and keeps them taking damage longer. Another combo I like at that level is Suggestion + Electric Loop (Mob working for you in the mist of Stunned mobs) and then there is Web + Acid Blast.

For each of the above try to find equipment that will enhance the DC of the School or increase the Elemental damage. Don't use meta magics for TRASH unless it has to die NOW. I personally will add a spell multiple times to my hotbar and set the meta's by right clicking on them. Having multiple versions allows me to cast the spell at the appropriate power level without spending time fiddling with the toggles or wasting SP because the effect applies to a spell I didn't want effected but had to turn a meta on for another spell.

6. At lower levels even a 8 Strength Wizard can Melee with a Two handed fighting weapon and Master's Touch spell. Your AC is Displacement or Blur and Webs/Holds. Even using Hypnotism and pulling one out at a time works in your favor.

12-24-2013, 01:44 PM
what build are you, necro or archmage?

Archmage core 1 magic missle SLA for only 2SP and max/empower dont raise the SP Cost (right click and set as always on, so you dont have to have them toggled and use up SP when your casting other spells)

eternal wands (they're ok up till about 5, then start wearing out, but still nice to use whenever SP is a problem)

at lvl 10 the wand of blasting (An AOE eternal wand) always did decent damage too for a few levels, but by the time its worn out you should have enough SLA's (which can be max/emp without raising cost) to not need it much.

12-26-2013, 05:41 AM
I had the same problem with my first life Wizard. With about 1.500 to 1.600 SP this issue will not be so annoying anymore (at about Level 16-18).

My best advice is to use SLA's a lot instead of regular spells. If you like the Enchantment playstyle, focus on Enchantment school in the AM tree and charm the enemies. It takes a bit more time to clear a dungeon/zone, but you can easily reduce a room filled with 15 enemies to only one, by charming a few of them and wait until they have killed themselves.

My second best advice is to buy a Warforged Hireling (usually Barbarians, Fighters or Paladins) because its dps will save a lot of your Spellpoints. Just slot a repair spell and occasionally heal.

My third best suggestion: If you can afford it, buy the Starter Pack (http://store.turbine.com/store/turbine/en_US/pd/ThemeID.29252200/productID.274988800/categoryID.58516100): You'll get a Level 3 permanent Cleric Hireling who has Divine Vitality. This Hire you can summon additionally to a regular platinum Hire, everywhere in a Dungeon/Wilderness. Summon her, refill your SP pool, dismiss her, wait 5 minutes and summon her again (DV will be refreshed an can be used again). She can cast DV 12 times which results in about 150 to 200 SP.

And #4: if you team up with another player or group, do not try to impress her/him/the others by casting spells until your SP pool is empty. The addional damage contributed by other players will ease fights a lot and none of them would expect you to be the AoE master with infinite SP. Your contribution will also be appreciated if you don't spam spells.

01-21-2014, 05:44 AM
Also Certain Spells like Stoneskin and Protection From Energy/Elements should NEVER be extended as they are 99% of the time depleted long before their duration runs out.

Evidently the designers realised that too, since the Extend metamagic isn't even available for those spells.

01-21-2014, 05:46 PM
These are the low-hanging fruit:

1) At level 6, trying to kill stuff with spells alone is a sure way to fail a quest. Use Tensers, Mage Armor / Barkskin pots, shield, and so on and swing an ax or quarterstaff.

2) Call a summon to aid in killing.

3) Use Web and Wall of Fire for maximum effectiveness. Try to trap as many mobs as you can in one area so that your AoE kills them. Ranging individual targets from afar? A big ole' waste of the blue bar.

4) If your wizzy is an elf, it gives you bonuses on bows. Use that for ranged attacks.

5) Your SP pool is going to be mostly affected by feats and enhancements. My suggestion is to take at least one Mental Toughness early, which gives you about 100 SP by lvl 20.

6) Are you using Eschew Materials? Dump it.

7) The Archmage PrE has Energy of the Scholar. Whether a PM, or an EK - invest in one rank of AM to max this out.

8) Use scrolls for Stoneskin, Summon Monster, True Seeing, Blur, and so on.

This is advice that it not so cut-and-dried:

1) Consider going elf for the Arcanum (Tier Two). That's 3 points spell pen and 100 spell points right there.

2) If you are not using Quicken for every spell, then look to maxing-out concentration. If you are not using either, consider maxing-out concentration. You are probably losing spell points to failed casts. Quicken on every spell is expensive.

3) Consider equuiping anything that gives you an increased chance for spell critical damage. This means Lore Items and feats. If you nail something with high critical damage, you don't have to nail it again with the same spell. Like melee toons, crits are friends.

4) You don't need to fight everything. You are a wizzy with a TON of skill points. Invest in Sneak and Hide, and make sure you have Invisibility on you. Walk past stuff you don't have to fight.