View Full Version : Need Help Kitting out my friends Lvl 23 Single-class Monk

12-22-2013, 01:22 AM
Hey all my friend and I have two very undergeared characters who are really close to breaking into Lvl 23 so we figured it was about time to do some specific loot runs...Unfortunately I don't actually have her build to post as its incredibly out of date (still works but could be better) and I'm currently in the process of rebuilding it (along with my own Death Knight)

Anyways here's the current loot plan please feel free to suggest any alternatvies and don't forget alot of "missing" things can be covered by using augments.

Head: Epic Big Top (Philarian Carnival)
Neck: Jorgundal's Collar (Gianthold - White Dragon)
Trinket: Idol of Fortune (Gianthold Raid)
Cloak: Adamantine Cloak of the Bear (ES-Challenge) & Cloak of Night (Mabar)
Belt: Sun Soul (Villager Comms - King's Forest)
Gloves: Epic Brawling Gloves (C-Cove)
Boots: Epic Rock Boots (C-Challenges)
Bracers: Sunsoul (Villager Comms - King's Forest)
Armor: Sunsoul (Villager Comms - King's Forest)
Goggles: Epic Sandstorm Goggles (Demon Queen)
Ring 1: Epic Ring of the Buccaneer (Cove)
Ring 2: Epic Ring ot the Stalker (C-Challenges)
Handwraps: Antipode
Undead Killer: Wraps of endless light

01-04-2014, 01:45 PM
No suggestions?

01-04-2014, 08:19 PM
No suggestions?

Do you already have the cove and mabar things? Because those aren't active right now, and cove won't be until the anniversary (april-may timeframe) and of course mabar may not be until next oct.

Sun soul is generally solid. Some of the rest I'm less sure about. You have no accuracy or deadly enchants, which are a huge mistake turbine put in, but they did it so go with it. Jorgundal's is just "Speed X-XV" which you can find on random gen loot, maybe without slots but it'll be on the AH for purchase rather than running a raid.

Epic anything which is shard/seal/etc based is probably a giant waste of your time -- the goggles and big top at least fall in to this category.

Any plan for a monk is incomplete without either vampiric stonedust or ivy wraps. You probably also want a useful seal of dun'robar (+10 shattering for QP).