View Full Version : Build Ideas or Suggestions on 16RNG/2ROG/2MNK?

12-19-2013, 12:06 AM
Hey Guys! I'm just coming back to game after a few years off and WOW things have changed! The New Levels and Enhancements have me on tilt for trying to build a old toon of mine. I really like the Ranger class/feel but would like to mix in some new things in with it. What im looking for is:

Dual Weild
Self healing (with high amp/devotion)
Good (not superb) Damage output
Trap/open lock skills w/ full UMD
and my guildies tell me Manyshot is the bomb now. So a little ranged DPS would be nice.

I Figured 16 Ranger will give me full 2 weapon fighting with lv 4 spells so i can use FoM and Cure Serious Wounds for healing.
2 Rouge will give me Skills and some SA. With some of the low hanging fruits on the AP tree.
2 Monk will give me 2 feats and some more healing amp.

Leveling weapons ill use Kopeshes and eventually change to 2 Nightmares in epics.

What Destinies should i end up in? Whats a Twist and what to use? LOL .. i know im a noob!

Any Advice or Suggestions? Is this kind of build even viable or good?

Thanks Guys!

12-25-2013, 09:49 AM
Drop Human in favor of Elf racial bonuses. You can then be an AA without having to be a complete Ranger.

I had a build I was working on a year ago but with the new enhancements it is now better, just don't know yet the mix that would be best. So many new options.

Monk AA's were the domb, and I'd like to think they still are. Just have to see it.

12-28-2013, 02:53 PM
I am actually looking to do the same thing. I have a Ranger I want to TR into another Ranger :) Would Elf be better in order to take more advantage of the AA Abilities? How does Elf help? If anyone has a good build set up for this I would be interested. I figured Rogue would be nice for traps and the evasion. I don't know why you would need to splash both Rogue and Monk. Why not Ranger 18 and Rogue 2? If you did the 16 Ranger/2Rogue/3Monk would you need to go robes to be centered or something?