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12-17-2013, 12:01 PM
Sure splashing could add feats, evasion but extra feats are not really needed. Evasion will be missed, but strong self healing will keep one up. In this build I wanted to use the SLA's so metas for the bonus feats and really wanted to go ranged but stat and the amount of feats it takes to make that work didn't pan out. Takes a lot of feats to make a ranged character.

Stats 34 point build

16 STR + 2 Level ups +5 tome to qualify for overwhelming critical
17 CON
18 INT +5 Level ups

7 Normal feats
Improved Critical
Insightful Reflexes
Improved Sunder
Power Attack
Great Cleave
Spell Focus Evocation

5 Bonus feats
Bastard Sword

3 Epic Feats
Past life wizard
Overwhelming Critial
Epic Damage Reduction

2 Epic Destiny Feats
Spell power Lightning
Spell power Force or repair

42 battle engineer, capstone, hand and a half for +4 hit and damage, haste boost, all runearms and mobility
25 arcanotech for sla's blast rod and int and constant dog repair
13 bladeforged for shaken, hp, heal sla?

DESTINY: lightning draconic for burst, -10 reflex from lighting damage, 2 evocation DC
TWISTS: magister twist evocation specialist for 15% chance of -10 reflex, 3 evocation DC and momentum swing. 3-2-2.

CC will take some work but you'll be doing damage spamming spell to land the reflex debuffs and your melee adds another 2 for DC from the shaken from bladeforged. Improved sunder is janky and just a theory right now, but I could see it as useful for the acid runearms, lightning sphere and prismatic strike. Playstyle your constantly charging runearm releasing on 3 if moving to different targets while throwing max, empowered, quickened, heightened sla's. Tac det and prismatic strike after the first lightning salvo, good chance at least one -10 save took effect making your DC enough to land. In melee burst, momentum swing, cleave and use blast rod sla. Many keybinds will be required. Red slots on weapons should be used for force or lightning spellpower. Plenty of good bastard swords around and you have reason to use them over other weapons as you have to sacrifice deadly for masters touch. You also get +4 hit and damage from enhancements.

To hit should be fine with 23 base strength and +3 from battle engineer from cores, +4 from hand and a half training. Int is the damage stat and also have deadly weapons so should have decent damage. Enhancements are still up in the air, really want to get to the top level of bladeforged but also want blast rod and that int from arcanotech.

12-18-2013, 10:24 AM
No comments ? That mean the build is perfect?

12-18-2013, 10:40 AM
Evasion will be missed, but strong self healing will keep one up.

I had a FVS build that was getting about 200 hp healing every 2 seconds from renewal with quickened heal spell and pretty good healing amp.

Healing is not enough to keep you up in epic elite.

If this is an epic normal/epic hard build, great... but lots of things can do that.

12-18-2013, 01:15 PM
For the fights that evasion is a requirement there is always shadow dancer. Saying evasion is needed for every EE is a stretch. Smart play, awareness, fire shield and good reflex save with absorb go a long way.