View Full Version : Shadar-Kai Handwrap Monk - How Much to Splash?

12-15-2013, 04:46 PM
Without purchasing a +1 LR Heart, I am sitting at one level of Rogue (which I really like actually!). Thinking about it today however, I am curious to know what are the thoughts on splashing a bit more? I just got done reading the "nerf multi-class builds" thread and so this might be coloring my current thoughts...

The core 18 in the Shintao tree is decent enough (although not overwhelming). Should I splash more than 1 Rogue? Is there anything to splashing a third class?

Thanks for any insight!

12-15-2013, 09:08 PM
Thanks for any insight!

Assuming wisdom based focusing on QP, then you could splash 2 fighter for a very low-cost +3 to your tactics DCs and 2 feats. If you're going for OC, i.e. more strength focus, then you could go 12 monk 6 ranger 2 rogue to get manyshot and 10k stars for a solid ranged DPS option.

If you're considering a 19/1 build, then I would reconsider. Almost any variety of 18/1/1 will get you more than a 19/1 build in the current game. Go cleric for empower heal and echoes of power, fighter for a feat, Wiz for echoes of power and a metamagic feat, druid for ram's might and a pet, arti for the pet and wand/scroll mastery. I think literally any possible 18/1/1 will be better than a 19/1.