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12-14-2013, 01:15 PM
I'm about 100k xp from level 24 (Mnk20, Shintao), and I've maxed out the Grand Master of Flowers epic destiny. I'll be sad to put my cool toys away for a few levels, but I would like some abilities to Twist.

I see low-hanging fruit like Brace For Impact in Unyielding Sentinel, but I also see Sense Weakness in tier 4 of Fury of the Wild (which may be rather a higher-hanging fruit, but looks like it would combo quite well with Stunning Fist).

Are there any common destiny paths for a Monk? If I'm reading the chart correctly, to get to Fury of the Wild, I'll need to level through Dreadnought and Shiradi Champion first. On the upside, that takes me close to Cocoon, which I see mentioned a lot.

Any advice would be appreciated!

12-14-2013, 01:40 PM
You are going to want to build up fate points.
You have 1 fate point atm.

Ultimately, your twists are likely going to be
Tier 1 Cocoon from Primal (for grand self heals)
Tier 1 Legendary Tactics from Dreadnought (for stunning fist)
Tier 4 Sense Weakness (good dps boost and even stronger on stunned foes)

To do that, your path would be:
Grandmaster 5
Legendary 5
Shirdai 3
Primal 1
Fury 4

That would grant you 5+5+3+1+4=18/3=6 fate points.

1 fate point would unlock twist 1 tier 1
2 fate points would unlock twist 2 tier 1
3 fate points would unlock twist 3 tier 1

Thus your fate points are spent already without being able to obtain sense weakness.
Upgrading twist 1 to tier 4 would require 2+3+4=9 more fate points.

Going to Unyielding and gaining a few levels there will grant you some easy fate points,
along with a twist you might not keep later on.

You might find it useful to pick up a variety of low levels from all the epic destinies,
and consider a ddo store tome of fate if you have more points than time.

Also consider a TR, Epic, or Iconic reincarnate so that you can be earning epic destiny levels at the same time as past lives.

A possible path would be Epic reincarnate then TR (if you are a first life to get the monk past life that grants extra fist damage).
You could then choose an Iconic class or heroic class and consider another class for epic destiny farming then eventually return to monk as a 36 point build.

12-14-2013, 03:17 PM
Snipped very helpful advice...
Thanks! That's most helpful.

I'm VIP at the moment, so I've got the freebie Epic Heart to use once I hit 28. (Also a LR+20, although the Monk Past Life seems useful enough anyway.)

(I was also messing about soloing Demon Sands the other night and a Torc dropped, which could be useful if I releveled as a caster :) )