View Full Version : Can wisdom-based melee DPS be effective for a cleric?

12-13-2013, 12:55 PM

I'm wondering if there might be an effective way to combine healing power & damage using wisdom.

Option 1 - scimitars
- The active druid past life feat gives access to the flameblade which uses wis instead of str for damage and improves with caster level – this could potentially be viable for leveling.
- Using a half-elf gives access to the Undying Court and associated bonuses to scimitars in the Warpriest enhancements
- However, the flameblade is unlikely to be effective at epic levels.

Option 2 - bludgeoning
- The Scepter of Healing (lvl 10 heavy mace) and Forgotten Light (lvl 15-23 heavy mace) use wisdom for damage according to the DDO wiki http://ddowiki.com/page/List_of_weapons_with_unusual_attack_or_damage_mods
- Using the Morninglord iconic class gives bonuses to maces from racial enhancements and the Amaunator religion Warpriest enhancements
- The Stave of the Seer (lvl 8 quarterstaff) and Staff of Inner Sight (lvl 10 quarterstaff) also use wisdom for damage

With either scimis or heavy maces, TWF feat line would likely be required.

Some combo of the above weapons could be used for leveling, but by 16 you'd probably be limited to Forgotten light which means gear grinding via alts or lots of friends/shards. The different race requirements for warpriest bonuses really makes you commit to a type of weapon. It can't be just an IC swap. :)

Hopefully the new raids will actually have useful healer weapons.

I have read Silverdance's build thread but I'm not sure how she does damage from wisdom, especially while leveling. I've also read the Radiant Titan build thread and can see the effectiveness of that kind of build too.

What do you think? Can wisdom-based melee DPS be effective for a cleric?


12-13-2013, 01:35 PM
I don't think so. The reason is because in order to do effective melee damage you need to get one of the top teir DPS weapons like ESoS, Eantique, Cleaver, celestia, ect.

You can however do well as a WIS based clonk that stuns everything.

And same goes for leveling. To do good DPS you're going to need Carnefix, LIT2, SoS, ect.

12-13-2013, 04:22 PM
Can't talk from experience here, but I think taking IC:B, Power attack, GTWF and then changing between wraps, Forgotten lights and Sireth for different situations is a good idea.

Other than that, one can always grab good strength-to-damage weaponry. Strength is easy to boost and allows for wider selection of tools, even if you are wisdom based.