View Full Version : 10 Ranger - 10 Bard

12-09-2013, 12:19 PM
Ok, so I took one of my AA monchers and rolled up a ranger - bard. So, I lost 10k stars and a lot of burst damage with Fury, but the crowd control is ridiculous. No issues with fascinate in EE. 28 songs per rest and great bard buffs. I still get all the feats I need since I made him human and have combat archery as well as overwhelming crit. Red named are a bit of a pain, but I do like the versility of this build. Less damage for huge crowd control. Also, UMD is around 50 and my cure critical spell (bard) heals me for about 100-300 depending on if I crit. Little less hp (around 600 at lvl 23) but more sp (over 1000). Fun to play so far. DPS is the only drawback atm.

12-10-2013, 04:33 AM
i Tried 12 bard 6 ranger 2 rogue and found it fun. Good DPS, but what i felt i lacked was single target CC. If i were to replay the build, i maybe would try 16 Bard 2 Ranger 2x for Otto's Irresistible Ball.. Longer buffs also, in exchange for losing evasion. I had Stunning blow but it was not reliable on EE.