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12-09-2013, 11:32 AM
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Greetings again from your fellow player Olathural. Today I bring to you the news of another fun event, or contest if you will.. Free VIP for 1 month

To be eligible, you MUST:

- Be a player from Orien, no making a new toon on Oriens' server just to be entered..
- Must post below, or on the other thread, of Why you want VIP status, How you would benefit personally from it for the duration, And why you feel you should be the winner.
- Must post your Game Log in name (The same name you use to log into the forums) As well as your character name (If you feel like listing them all.. feel free.. this is only to determine that you are in fact from orien, not just a fresh toon to get a chance at the reward)

The contest will run from Todays date of 12/9/13 to 12/23/13 Giving everyone 2 weeks time to come up with a good entry posting. I will be selecting one winner, via a random selector, on 12/24/13

I will be pooling favorites from two in-game channels: /Joinchannel Titan and then one of my more private channels. Favorites may receive something in game from me, not entirely sure what yet.

You will only be Entered into the selector if your post follows all the criteria, and if it is deemed to be sincere. To this I mean a post that goes more in depth than, I want it because I do, It will give me free TP, and because I think it should be me.. This is not the kind of post that would be entered..

Without Further ado... let the contest commence ^_^ Good Luck