View Full Version : A couple ideas for a FvS heroic life.

12-04-2013, 10:30 PM
So I've been looking at doing a FvS life for my next TR. Been tossing around a few ideas in my head while at work and wanted to get alittle input. Whileyou read this keep in mind this isn't going to be tuned for Epic content, or even much past the vale outside of running explorers in King's forest and City of Portals underdark.

My first idea was a lord of blades WF build with 3 pally and 2 rog. Pally for 1d6 against evil and cha to saves, and 2 rog for evasion, a few trap skills, and 1d8 poison.

That got me thinking a little bit about maybe 12 FvS/6pal/2rog. Melee oriented, of course since the DCs aren't going to be too hot, despite mixed +3 and +4 tomes.

Which of course lead to a HUMAN build using whirling steel strike with longswords and monk instead of rogue. Or even elf with scimitars and rogue.

All of these seem fairly workable to me. Mostly what I'm wondering is if anyone has much experience with any of these, or even just discussion about the pros and cons of each.