View Full Version : Melee wizard life (Eldritch) - doable or gimp?

12-02-2013, 06:54 AM
Well I guess it's a little late to ask if it's doable because I'm already 12 lvls into this life, but perhaps there is room for improvement. lil disclaimer: I know wizard is much better as a caster, but I have always played melee classes and not about to change now.

Base info: all important skills have +4 tomes on them, UMD +3 tome, all ability stats are +4

At the moment I'm looking to make the build as follows:
14 wiz/4 monk/2 rog
At the moment I have it at 4 monk because 4 monk gives me access to 30% more damage to helpless enemies, which makes killing much more efficient for my melee playing style.
2 rogue levels are for skill points, trap disabling and most importantly UMD. This way I can use heal scrolls at level 14 (80%) and up.
14 wiz are mainly because I need the majority for the past life feat, but the reason I'm hesitant to just get a deeper monk splash is because the levels also add to caster level and spell duration which seems mostly useful for displacement and haste. Right now I still have to re-cast them after every group of enemies.

Base stats (can't be changed now since im already at 12):
15 str
8 dex
14 con
17 int (now 19 and yes I have an even number with gear added)
16 wis
10 cha

I'm taking most of the Hp/SP boosts
75% more effective scroll usage for self heals
Vampire form (won't always have it toggled on)
20% healing amp
Dimension Door
No mercy (30% more dmg on helpless targets)
Spellsword: acid

Power attack
Great Cleave
Extend spell
Improved crit
leftover feat: skill focus: UMD

Hold Person
Fire Shield
Death Aura
Hold Monster
True Seeing
Mass Suggestion
shadow walk
Tenser's transformation - (not sure yet wether I like the extra dmg output and hp/ac or more spell DC)
Otto's irresistable dancing ball

Not getting stuff like firewall or ice storm because I usually kill stuff faster in melee then a firewall could. Might whip it out situationally in a situation like ETK boss fight, but even there my reflex and handwraps should be more effective in dps. (ooze puppet also situational but not commonly)

What i'm not so experienced in is how to keep enchantment DC up, are there any good items for that?

any other feedback? does it look good or would you take other class levels