View Full Version : Halfling dragon mark 12 monk 6 ranger 2 fighter, help needed.

11-30-2013, 10:52 AM
Tried to come up with a build on my own and dunno' if it's good or a piece of ****. The build is meant to be 12 6 2 monk ranger fighter halfling with dragon mark heals. Feats: point blank shot, zen archery, precision, dodge, dragon mark, 10k stars, imp crit:ranged, improved precise shot, empower (regular 1, not healing)' power attack, cleave, great cleave. Epic feats: overwhelming crit, combat archery, holy strike, blinding speed and something else, I dunno'. I need help with what level to take feats at and what class progression to choose. Also need help with starting stats. Have access to all +3 tomes. Planning to upgrade them to +4 in December. Alignment will be lawful good or whatever. I have pinion, planar focus +3 str set. I have 3 ranger past lives. Want to spend most enhancements in AA and halfling tree. A little in ninja spy for shadow. Henshin mystic for the tortoise enhancement, 1 in Shinato for core maybe. Also, is there a way to break down flawless dragon armor and get back scales because I might switch to a white robe or black robe. No luck on black or white +3 con helm. I do have a white dex helm for trade or sale, though. - Dimitres of Argo.