View Full Version : I want to tr into a Druid for my 3rd life

11-21-2013, 04:16 PM
I want to tr into a Druid for my 3rd life and would like some help with points and feats and enchaments please if you can help in any way it be great my first life was fighter and I am a monk ATM any help be grateful xx

11-21-2013, 06:56 PM
All I've done is caster Druid and it's really good, much simpler to build than a melee type.

Max WIS and CON, leftover points can go in INT for more skill points, or somewhere else, your choice. Go Human for the extra feat, and stay pure Druid. Taking 2 levels of Monk or Rogue for Evasion will end up gimping your spell progression. You won't get elemental forms until level 15 rather than 13.

Feats you definitely want: Maximize and Empower, Spell Focus Evocation and Greater Spell Focus Evocation. Also squeeze Heighten in there. Consider taking Augment Summoning, and Mental Toughness is nice.

You're going to get a large variety of offensive Spell-like Abilities which you can apply all your metamagics to for free. I'm running one of these Druids right now and at level 12 all of my AP is invested in Season's Herald tree.

When leveling, put all your stats in WIS.

Don't be afraid to use your Wolf, especially if you take Augment Summoning. Consider keeping it passive until party has aggro, then let it loose. Otherwise make it wait at the start of the dungeon so you can summon it to carry your soulstone or something if things ever go bad.

Forget Thaumaturgy Staves, grab some Scepters like Magnetism of Lightning Lore or Impulse of Kinetic Lore. Get the pair of gloves called Molb's Fist which has Ice Lore on it. Impulse of Kinetic Lore will power up Spiked Growth, which is very good fro crowd control early on, and it'll power up the blunt damage from Ice Storm. Then it'll power up your Word of Balance, and even the bane damage you do to undead and aberrations from the Nature's Warden enhancement.

The Flame Blade spell doesn't seem all that great. Very early on it's nice if you've just about burned up all your SP.