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11-21-2013, 03:11 PM
Just TR'd not long ago and I'm back up to level 8. Some things I've discovered along the way as a human warpriest of the Sovereign Host. My first life I was a 19/1 Cleric/Fighter of the two handed variety, with cleave and great cleave.
This time I'm a pure cleric, no splash, intending to go full divine disciple, about 25 warpriest, and the rest radiant. I decided to stay human despite the elven temptation to dual wield scimitars and have yet another +hit/+damage set of enhancements available to me.

Dual wielding longswords with the -4/-4 for oversized weapons really isn't bad. Just keep an accuracy item slotted and you won't miss much more. The +4/+4 from the 1st 4 tiers of righteous weapons will more than make up for that. The oversized TWF feat for +2 to hit (reducing the penalty from -4/-4 to -2/-2) probably isn't worthwhile when you need to cover power attack/ TWF tree/ and caster feats. Maybe I'll feel differently at higher levels, but remember, you've got Incite for another +4 on tap as an action boost, and your party's melees get that too. I've found they really like incite, especially when you jack it up with the +save and +energy absorb enhancements.
Having ameliorating strike proc'ing on my smites with two weapons is very nice. TWF also helps stack up the smite vulnerability as well. For weapons at level 8, I'm so glad I left myself a nightforge avenger blade. That thing, with minimum level 8 (from relic of a sovereign past) is +5, adamantine, has a red socket, and does the 1.5x base weapon damage that you expect of a paragon weapon. I use it as my offhand weapon. One key thing is this:
putting a devotion ruby in the socket makes it an implement. That gives it +15 universal spell power since it is +5. But you're a warpriest, and longswords are objects of righteousness. Therefore if you have 4 tiers of that enhancement, it is +9, and gives +27 universal. Stack that on the +positive spell power that said ruby gives and you're really doing well on positive spellpower. By that sword you will heal (also ameliorating strike). My mainhand weapon is a crafted +3 longsword of lesser vampirism. Between that and ameliorating strike, I rarely need to heal with spell points outside of big fights. Ameliorating strike scales with your level, your spell power in positive, and your TWF offhand percentage. With a large shield swapped in, said priest can turtle pretty nicely also (just make sure the weapon you keep out has the ruby in it) once the divine disciple line matures.
My plan is 25 warpriest, 41 divine disciple, and 14 split between radiant and human.
It's too bad you can't have tier 5 enhancements in 2 lines even if you're a single classed level 20 priest. I recall that being mentioned but never implemented.

11-23-2013, 04:51 PM
Im running a twf clonk using handwraps, and in wind stance and perfect two weapon fighting, I can have up to 24% doublestrike (29 offhand) which leads to triple healing procs on smites and of course higher vulnerability stacks.

I run radiant servant aura and ameliorating strike, no AP for dd. I think DD damage is just too low for higher levels, although searing light and holy smite are pretty nice during mid-levels.

My handwraps dont get an implement bonus but 66 dc stunning fist is nice to have in higher lvl quests. I get positive spell power from a shamanic fetish trinket, i have both a heroic elite one and an epic hard one. (now that i read "epic hard one" it seems to be a dubious expression but im a foreigner, me no good at english)