View Full Version : Raid box for the melee cleric

11-13-2013, 01:30 PM
Thinking Cleaver for FOTW or in LD.

Breach I am thinking is better when out of Adrenaline or if you dont have FOTW. If you dont have Sunder then not worth it.

I have the EAGA. Are these better? EAGA has red lot. Is red slot hard to get on these?These have doublestrike. I have perfect weapon.

Heck for my melee generalist I might even take the staff For evoc boost.

Drop rates?

11-15-2013, 09:24 AM
I have a non-upgraded cleaver. I have the EAGA also. I don't know the math at all, but from my experience the EAGA hits harder against trash.

Of course my cleaver isn't upgraded, and having an upgraded CiTW weapon improves its DPS and it lets you pair it with a trinket for the planar conflux +15 PRR, +4 damage set bonus which looks very nice. Also the cleaver has imp cursespewing + small amount of CC.

Yes, the cleaver has a red slot after the teir 2 upgrade. The problem is upgrading it is tough. I believe this still requires beating most eveningstar quests on Epic Elite for the PDK favor? Plus you needs lots of Heroism Commendations and have to farm the right planar conflux trinket from the demonweb quests.

Overall I suppose it's a toss up between cleaver or EAGA. You may want to take comms instead if you need to upgrade other gear.

11-16-2013, 11:29 AM
Yeah thanks. I agree.

I started another thread on the boxes under general and was impressed by some of the responses. Flux is hard to fit in on a melee cleric than intends to cast and heal the group. I would have to give up my holy symbol of lolth which I can do if there are 2 other divines in the group and we lack melee, but how often does that happen to make it worth it for the flux trinket. The improved curse is nice along with the extra damage, but I do not have a Red slot on it either and the EAGA comes with one that I have devotion on.

Thing is I got the Cleaver Ax from the first box and the bow and crossbow from chests. With a second box if you read how much I like Falchions just wondering if Breach would be better for zerging heroic mobs and epic mobs when not in my main destiny FOTW?
I seem to always take Momentum Swing in a twist, so [5W] still matters there. I spam my Ameliorating Strike [2W] for mass healing all the time and d20 [W] helps there too along with Great Cleave and Cleave for 2W and 1W.

EAGA is lvl20 and wondering as we hit lvl28 to lvl30 it still seems the best all around weapon you can get in a weeks time.