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11-13-2013, 02:34 AM
Hey all, Id love some advice/opinions on gear for level 28 monks
Please post with the slot and item list like so:

Helm: Purple dragon helm
Bracers: Bracers of the sun soul
Chest: Belt of the sun soul
Belt: Spider-spun caparison
Cloak: Adamantine cloak of the bear
Weapon: Antipode Fist of the horizon/EE Adamantine Knuckles(+1die more)
etc etc..

Emphasis on Handwraps, Sunder/Stun DCs, Wisdom, Strength and Constitution, Minimal gear swapping
Survival stuff like hp, saves, incorporeal and resists are important also Damage Seeker, Deadly, rein-forced fists etc.

Any help would be appreciated kindly

11-13-2013, 03:55 AM
i'll speak to the only thing i feel fairly confident on: Wraps

there are (IMO) several endgame options, but i'll just list the 2 i have and why i like them:

Grave Wraps

Imp Destruction, level drain+temp hp, stun+10, extra 2d6 dmg that works on everything


6% DoubleStrike, stun+10, .5[w], up to 4d6 damage on certain targets, 2d6 against most, but only 1d6 against some others

the fully upgraded version has a full 1[w], planar conflux, and a red slot

11-14-2013, 02:38 AM
Yeh those are solid wraps, using the level drain ones less now since getting Antipode main reason was the stun dc, generally if it can be stunned it will be dead within about 5-10secs on EE

The EE Adamantine wraps are good too for max damage +1 hit die higher than Antipode and various greater bane, disrupt and smiting wraps can be fun. also the mabar wraps are good for undead.

But im really more interested in non-weapon gear as this i am finding hard to work out. Any experienced monks out there can advice on what they slot for gear.

11-14-2013, 08:42 PM
ok not seeing much synergy in that gear apart from what you have picked up as you leveled..

11-15-2013, 02:54 AM
If it helps, atm I'm aiming for: (of note, I'm a bladeforged 16/2/2, so the ghost walking cloak is better for me than a pure monk, and I've got my own reconstruct, thus the SP boots. )

Docent : EE Livewood Core
goggles : EE Shadowsight colorless : 15 repair
Helmet : Black +3 str Green: 16prr yellow: 250sp
Necklace : Pendant of the storm reaver yellow : Draconic Soul Gem
Trinket : Deadly Trinket of Resistance colorless : 8 dex
Cloak : EE Ghostwalking cloak
Belt : EE Arkat's Cord green : 40hp yellow : Imperial Blood
Ring 2 : EE Consuming Darkness Green : Goodluck +2
Gloves : EE Backstabber Yellow : Deathblock
Boots : Greensteel 25hp, displace clicky, 6cha skills / 100sp (Once I use up the 100sp, Swapping to EE Surefooted boots Green : +8 int)
Ring 1: Dunrobar Stunning 10
Bracers : EE Steady Handed Armbands yellow: fear immunity colorless : 8str

Wraps : Random gen Sundering 12 Red : Reconstruction 134

Stats :
Enhancement bonus
11 wis, 8 str,dex,int,cha. 7 con.
Insightful Bonus
3 con, 3wis, 3str
Exceptional bonus
1 all stats

Saves / defense (missing parrying, sonic resist)
10 Resistance bonus, 8 dodge, 16prr, 30 elemental resists, 15DR / Evil

Damage mods (missing double strike)
Seeker 12, exceptional seeker 5, sneak attack 5, exceptional sneak attack 3, Deadly 10, Deception, Reinforced fists,

Combat DC's
10 stunning, 12 sundering, 5 Combat mastery

11-15-2013, 03:32 AM
My Monk is still somewhat work in progress for gear but I am getting there. I am a Wisdom based H-elf Light Monk. I have two sets more or less. One is pure DPS the other is for Tanking when I have to take that role in raids. At the moment my monk is one of my most versatile and go to characters for content. This is based on what I have managed to pull. And while I have some slots filled, suggestions are welcome.

Fixed Gear:
Goggles - Wisdom 10 of Resistance 10 ** Flesh Shapers, Other clickies here
Gloves - Dex 10 of Dodge 10 ** Epic Brawlers (Yellow slot-Fear Immunity), PDK Gloves
Belt - EE Arkat's Cord - Vitality +20, Re-enforced Fists (Green - Empty / Yellow - Power +200) ** Morah (Jump Clickie)
Bracers - Health 9 of Seeker 9 ** Looking for 10/10 obviously -- Wind Howlers if doing long term bow use
Necklace - Deadly 9 of Natural Armor 9 ** Looking for 10/10 here too - Silver Flame, Oremi's, ToD Clickies
Boots - EN Treads of Falling Shadow (For the Ghostly) ** Plan for Halcyon Boots when I pull them probably

Rings - Content dependent
Ring 1 - Junk ToD w/Holy Burst ** Khysho's when I pull it (43 runs and not so far)
Ring 2 - EE Ring of the Djinn
Oremi's ToD w/Acid Burst
** Consuming Darkness-The +24 PRR would bring me in the +74-75 range tanking
** Considering the Dun Robar +10 Sundering ring for the QP Bonus if I can pull it but so far it's eluded me

Dps Set:
Head - EH Black Dragon Helm Ins Dex +3 (Green - Empty/Clear - Exp Wis +1)
Body - Black Dragon Robe - (Blue Slot - Heavy Fort)
Trinket - Planar Focus of Subterfuge - Ins Wis +3
Cloak - GS 45 HP Smoke 2

Tanking Set:
Head - EH White Dragon Helm Ins Con +3 (Green - Empty / Clear - Concentration +13 *For Ki Shout)
Body - White Dragon Robe - (Blue Slot - PRR +14)
Trinket - Planar Focus of Prowess - Ins Dex +3
Cloak - **Lvl 24 Cloak of the Bear (Still making this one)

Antipode - Tier 4 w/Devotion 90 slotted currently ** Tanking and for CITW especially
Grave Wrappings
Endless Warps of Night (level 24)
EH Ivy Wraps
Adamantine Knuckles (Superior Flame/Frost/Shock)
+5 Coursacating of Smiting

EN Quiver of Poison
The Morning Star - EH (Superior Acid ** May swap this for the Level Drain Mabar augment or wait for the coming Metioric)
+6 Spelltouched Shuriken (Brilliance, Lightning Strike, Strength Sapping, Fracturing) ** My build includes 10k Stars
3xWater GS
Pinion ** Not upgraded yet, but likely to slot Good when I open it

I also have Zen Archery since I pulled Pinion yet I still tend to use the Spell touched Shuriken more often than not as a lot of the procs from the extra "Random" set of effects can be quite amazing. There are obvious clickies and swap ins like the Pale Lavender Ioun Stones that really aren't listed but we all know how those situationally matter. My bracers, necklace and boots are going to change but to what is the question. So far I haven't managed better options and not much of the new named gear is suitable I think. I currently have some empty slots but thus far not much calls to me for filling it. Suggestions are welcome as to best fill for them but not sure what really is worth it at the moment. At any rate this is what I generally am running with and it's a fair start.

11-15-2013, 04:28 AM
** Consuming Darkness-The +24 PRR would bring me in the +74-75 range tanking

Consuming darkness is exceptional combat mastery and 12seeker.

I believe you're thinking of the Guardians ring.
24 prr, 8str, yellow slot.