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11-10-2013, 05:40 PM
Fairly new player here hoping for links to some rogue resources or help with an acrobat build. I've played the game quite a bit on different characters in the past, but always rerolled when my build started to weaken and fall behind everyone else, or if I found a way to majorly improve it. This will be my first character since the big update, and I'm hoping to make a decent acrobat this time.

I have 32 point builds and access to monk. I don't have half elf. I'm hoping to make a classic acrobat, possibly with access to cleave if that will be a big deal on a rogue (my guess is that it is).

Right now I'm FTP, but I'll go P2P if I start playing a lot and get invested in the character. As far as bonus content goes, I suspect one of the tomes of learning would be a good investment (I don't know how they work, though), and am guessing half-elf will be the recommended race (I don't have it yet).

I appreciate any kindness in helping me along.

Edit: Thank you for the replies. I've decided to go a halfling Dex build based on the Mr Sticky Buddy post.

11-11-2013, 05:04 AM

If a rogue acrobat build is primarily what you're interested in, rog 13/monk 6/druid 1 is fairly popular about now. 13 rog gives you SA, 6 monk gives you shadow veil and more feats, plus stances. 1 druid gives you shillelagh, ram's might and empower heal for rejuvenation cocoon if you were planning to take the build into epic levels and epic destinies.

It's also quite debatable that half elves are the best race now, given that to get the best benefits from the dil you have to spend a lot of AP in the half elf trees. Some people aren't too fond of that. As it is, human is also a solid choice.

My starting stats would differ depending on whether or not you have access to +3 tomes and epic destinies (I'm unsure since you stated you're F2P). If you do have access to +3 tomes, I'd go with the following:
16 str
14 con
16 dex
14 int
8 cha
8 str

With 2 level ups in dex and the rest in str, you'd qualify for both overwhelming critical and improved sneak attack in epic levels. If you don't have +3 tomes, I'd drop dex to 15 and increase con to 15 instead.

Feat wise, cleave is fantastic on an acrobat. So you'll want to take PA, cleave, great cleave and improved critical at the very least. You can play around with the rest, but THF feats are pretty decent. Toughness may be good if you're still relatively new and don't have access to a lot of hp gear.

Also, there's a thread here that has a lot of information about stick builds: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/158960-Big-F-n-Stick-Build

Hope that helps.

11-11-2013, 10:22 AM
You could also look at a halfling dex build like Mr Sticky Buddy (https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/427488-Mr-Sticky-Buddy-%2813Rog-6M-1druid-Halfling%29-concept-for-comparison-to-H-ORC-STR-build) or the elf variant of it, or half orc build linked in that same thread. Lots of options for a good acrobat. There are advantages to both a str build (more damage) and a dex build (better saves). For dex I'd go halfling or elf, for str I'd go h-orc or human.... I probably wouldn't go half elf for any of them.