View Full Version : For Future Iconics: Reduce AP cost of racial trees.

11-01-2013, 10:14 PM
Iconics seem fun and all, but to get the gist out of them right now costs WAY too many action points.
You need to spend at LEAST 30 points in each Iconic's trees to really get their unique abilities.

Leveling a first lifer to 15 is barely a chore (especially with Vet 7), so when I roll an Iconic, I actually do it for their unique abilities, not the level skip. It's annoying, then, that to actually unlock their abilities, you have to be AP starved. My Shadar Kai had to actually sacrifice a couple unlocks in the racial tree just so that he could actually reach the Rogue capstone in one of the other trees, and I feel like there's a number of core abilities to this Iconic that I'm missing out on now. All but 3-4 abilities of the entire racial tree seems to be core to the Shadar-Kai, but the problem is that the maxed out tree costs a whopping 55 AP. To remove 14AP from that (to have enough points to unlock a class capstone and the capstone itself) means missing out on at least 7 abilities/upgrades in the Sharad-Kai tree.

No racial enhancements for iconics in the first 3 tiers should cost more than 1 AP, to be honest. Maybe not even the Tier 4 ones.

Again, Iconics seem to have to struggle just to get both their racial abilities and a capstone. I feel like that's just ridiculous.
There's no room to multiclass, either, because of this, as far as Enhancements go, because you just can't afford to spec two class trees on an Iconic whatsoever, without losing what makes an Iconic.... well, Iconic.

If you want to think of Iconic Racial Trees as actual class trees, then give them a capstone and Tier 5 unlocks. Otherwise, reduce AP costs.
I could understand if maxing the tree out would cost 40-45 points, so that you actually have to make some decisions and specializations within the tree, but the cost of 55 makes you lose out on too much.