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11-01-2013, 12:28 PM
A higher level adventurer in PnP frequently has minions and hirelings to look after his business interests. Here's what I suggest.
A pet that you can only summon up in public areas, with one of several skins (kobold or dwarf would fit the best). For purposes of this post, let's call him Mellon. Price it in three levels. I suggest these:
500 turbine points
Mellon tracks the auction house for you and when he's summoned, you can mouse over items and see the average sell price over the past week at the AH, number like it sold, and perhaps an indicator of the variance in pricing. You'd need to do some binning of items for random lootgen items. Include a bit of customizability by talking to Mellon.

1000 turbine points
At this level, Mellon is happy to list your items for you. You set what percentage of the average price you want as a default, click the items like the 'junk item' designation, and Mellon instantly lists all the items you picked. Mellon can also at this level give you some nice reports on what good stuff you've got that you haven't considered (mostly collectibles).

1500 turbine points
Mellon gets really smart at this level. Include an interface for 'item sorts I'm interested in'. Mellon will alert you when he sees 'good deals' (defined by being x amount below the mean price for that item type). Mellon also gets you a 'preferred customer' discount on auction fees (reduce them by 5%). In addition, as he's your business manager, when you get quest rewards, you can choose the item type (but not the specific item or item level) for up to 3 of the rewards. So, say you need a new necklace. Mellon will
negotiate with the quest giver to set the first 3 rewards offered to necklaces.

Implement these well and I bet a lot of people would buy one. It would also add a lot of vigor to the AH economy.