View Full Version : Stunning Fist Healer: 2 mnk & 18 fvs - please advise

10-31-2013, 09:25 AM
I would appreciate constructive criticism on my second life build. (currently at level 17)
This is a version of the Really good FvS (https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/200561-The-Really-good-FvS-%28But-not-Ultimate-since-that-name-was-taken-already%29?p=2411842#post2411842) with variations because the really good FvS was uncentered wielding scimitars but I wanted to be centered and punch things.

Stunning Healer
Elf, 2 Mnk, 15 Fvs, Lawful Neutral

34 Points. Ability scores with items and effects (no buffs) followed by base. All abilities have +4 tomes.
24 Str, 14
22 Dex, 16
14 Con, 12
14 Int, 10
31 Wis, 20
22 Cha, 12

269 HP
1566 SP
37 AC

+19 Fort
+20 Ref
+24 Will

+12/+13 BAB
0 Spell Resistance
100% Fortification

29 Balance
27 Concentration
21 Jump
10 UMD

Energy resistance fire, sonic and acid
Extend Spell
Improved two weapon fighting
Maximize Spell
Past life: wizard
Power attack
Quicken spell
Stunning fist
Two weapon fighting

Divine might
Shield of Condemnation
Smite foe
Spell power boost
Ameliorating strike
Basic ninja training
Bastion of purity
Burden of sin
Deft strike
Font of power
Just reward
Resilience of battle
Riddle of fire
Sacred touch
Smite weakness
Smiting 2
Sneak attack training 2
Wall of steel
Wand and scroll mastery
War domain: blur
Way of the patient tortoise
Wisdom 2