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10-25-2013, 04:13 AM
I don't read the forums often, so I apologize if something like this has already been mentioned.

After running the Summoning Chamber today I realized why I didn't spend a lot of time on the event last year. That fight is difficult but not for the right reasons. I know you are working on fixing any issues that would or could cause lag, and that there are bound to be many contributions that can't really be easily solved.

But, you could do a lot by opening it up as a grouped encounter.
Very similar to how we can enter quests as public or private now. When entering, you can select to make it a private group where your group would show up on the social panel if you want and be for those people who have grouped throughout the collecting phase. The other option would be to enter a public instance which would fill each group with 12 players and then open a new instance once it's full.

This way you could actually see the other players in the instance and communicate better.
It's rather annoying to spend the first stage prepping everything and constantly asking where people are and what is covered. When everyone isn't communicating, whether it's a language barrier issue or people being in the wrong chat window, the quest become logistically more difficult. 12 people should be able to manage the fight and that keeps with the current group cap so it won't be anything different than a raid, even if it has to be scaled down slightly (since the chamber currently recommends 16+ people which is hard to get and also stops a full instance group).

10-25-2013, 05:25 AM
12 people completing this is waaay more difficult. You mean 2 people in the altars and 1 person at lever. Meaning 1 person fights ALL the mobs going for altar, 1 fights dragon, 1 fights trash AND manages lever. Well, they need to be the right class and way overpowered.

16 people is really not hard to get. 1st time the chamber opened (20-25), which means really low population, there were 5+ people in each altar and 2+ at each lever.

Waht would be best though is for the players to form altar parties. Hard to tell if an altar is well guarded if you see a bunch of blue names (do they need a caster? do they need a healer?)

10-25-2013, 08:55 PM
I've obviously had a different experience than you so far...
One run, I'm not sure how many we had because that would have required everyone to actually talk, one of the reasons I find this encounter difficult, because not everyone does. We had, it seemed like, 12 people.
The other time I think there were 3, but again I have no idea because you can't see anyone.

With the current incarnation, yeah, 2 at the altar and 1 at the lever would be tough but if they scale it down slightly it can still be challenging yet completed and the logistic nightmare is taken away by being able to clearly see the entire party make-up and where people are.
Don't you find it annoying when you zone in and then have to ask where to go because you can't see who is where?

Or when one room asks for more and someone goes without telling the group, then the rooms are unbalanced again.
Or when someone just decides to leave a room for no reason.
Or when someone won't join a party for the room.
Or when people don't know what to do yet are still in party chat and don't realize the rest are trying to co-ordinate the instance.