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10-23-2013, 08:19 PM
Ok, so I want to make a Warforged Favored Soul, but i don't know if I should stay pure or go with a splash or two of other classes. I have one at Lv6 that's only gathering dust to this point and I've only started playing him again. I have some good unbound gear on him so I may reroll him or LR him cause I've had him since pre-U19 and I got a +20HoW on him. Right now he's True Neutral(taking advantage of stability items), so splashing pally isn't an option unless I reroll him at Lv4 using my Vet Status or spend points in the DDO Store on an alignment change item. I would prefer to go with a melee, Greatsword-swinging monster of destruction that would also be capable of healing in required. I have several ways of going with him right now:

Build 1: Lv20 pure FvS(with all the buffs and bonuses, Leap of faith, etc)
Build 2: Lv18/2 FvS/Rogue, Monk or Pally, still nets me everything I want (don't find adam-DR too useful)
Build 3: Lv16/2/2 Fvs/Rogue, Monk or Pally/other, would get me everything I'd like from a FvS except Leap of faith
Build 4: Lv17/2/1 FvS/Rogue, Monk or Pally/other same as build 2 except I wouldn't get a Lv9 spell

My AP would mostly be spent on Warpriest and WF enhancements, with AoV being used for the remainder just for bonus spellpower (for healing spells) and SP (also for healing spells). My spells will mostly be buff spells, such as DF/DP, blur, haste if I go with the first 2 builds.

10-27-2013, 10:32 PM
Let me start by saying, I love WF Favored Soul. My main is in his 11th life and is currently a FvS. He has 3 fighter, 2 monk, 1 barb, 1 FvS, 1 arti, 1 pally and 1 cleric pl. WF FvS is awesome right now, with having the Warpriest tree adding +5 to weapon enhancement and WF racial tree's Weapon Attachment a eSoS becomes extremely deadly. Playing for as long as I have I never roll a character w/o evasion and self sufficiency. With that said I'm doing 18 FvS/2 monk. So that would be my top choice. Starting stats are 16/12/16/8/12/14 with +5 tomes on str and con and the rest +4s.

11-07-2013, 12:02 PM
my suggestion is 16/2/2 fvs pally monk. great dps, great saves, and evasion.
Idid one life pure and then next life iI did this build. I did miss my wings but ill chose evasion and saves over wings anyday