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10-23-2013, 04:41 AM
I have a dex based tempest (say what you will, but I find it to be fun) and was looking over the epic destinies. To my horror, Shiradi was almost entirely ranged. The other two do not give dex. I have never played at epic levels, and am at a loss over which one I should pick. Is your main stat still important during epics, or are the tree abilities more important? Are there trees in other circles I should consider unlocking?

10-23-2013, 04:59 AM
I have a dex based 1st life monk and do fine in epics, I haven't met an epic hard I cant solo with him and I'm not in the power player ranks by far.

Fury of the wild with eternal fury for adrenaline overload hits when in party's and Legendary dreadnought with masters blitz when soloing in quests were you can get killing hits on mobs often.

Everything else is just gravy for fate points and twists.


10-23-2013, 05:23 AM
I find the shiradi destiny to be a full pain in the rear. It was great on my AA, but it has been a pain on other classes.

I guess you are gonna have to slog thru it until you can get to Fighter or Barb. I would suggest fighter.. my opinion.
At least you can just take the Dex enhancements all the way up.

I do think that it could be a bit more Melee focused. The only enhancement in it that is useful to non ranged is the Healing Spring.

10-23-2013, 10:46 AM
Yes, as far as destinies go for non rogues/monks, the only option you have is Fury of the Wild or Legendary Dreadnaught. Fury has plenty of damage to go around and adds some nice HP (in addition to some odd +wisdom stuff), it's more about burst damage through adrenaline. Dreadnaught has a ton of dps options, action boosts, and clicky attacks.

With stats, I'd say the only classes that should be truly worried about the stat enhancements in destinies are spellcasters (with the occasional monk going for wisdom or rogue going for intelligence).

10-23-2013, 10:53 AM
Fury of the Wild or Legendary Dreadnought are the usual picks for melee builds; FotW is better for a melee+ranged toon like rgrs, IMHO, since Adrenaline & Unbridled Fury work w/ranged atks. Shadowdancer has some nice perks too, like Shadow Form, and Executioner's Strike is DEX-based. Primal Avatar is more of a support ED, IMHO, but there are a few DPS perks for TWF, like Symmetric Strikes & Nature's Fury; and if nothing else, you'll want to Twist in Rejuv Cocoon wherever you go.