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10-22-2013, 07:24 PM
Was brainstorming a bit for my final wiz pl today and came up with
This build and tred one of my 20 toons with the free tr into this abo-
Mination. Na its actually quite playable and plays pretty much like a bard
But then a lot more durable and made for defense actually i really enjoy it
Atm and want some input in how to make it better

Defense and versatily wise i have this so far

Displacement 50%
Incorp 35%
Dodge 20% obtainable dodge and mobility feat
Stoneskin fireshield
Good hp pool
Wich makes you a very good prepper who can rush ahead

Durable hp wise all lvl ups into con
Acces to resist and protection from elements from spells
Insightful reflexes or dex not really sure about this one
Trap skills
Meaningfull perform and enthrall spellsong trance and healing song
Inspire courage kinda blows but having played 8 million exp of halfling bard i could care less
About being a buffslave ever again.. I wanna have fun !!
I like the udead healing(quicken heighten maximise)a lot better then the positive healing its just way more sp efficient imo also have acces to abbot robe
Extended rage haste and displacement
You dont need end game gear to make it work. Incorp displacement dodge items are easily obtainable pushing
Con every level makes your hp pool big and healthy. Many times i think you Should be the last man standing.. I mean good hp self healing evasion and not reliant on others.

Reanimate people weeee this one is fun

Random barbarian who was rotting away today : don't you ever do that again !

Downsides . Crappy inspire courage, many of the songs dont work for your undead form they do work fine on your party tho,the bard part comes pretty late or early im not sure about it yet. Personally i like to have acces to wraithform and undead form for healing asap, only tier 4 abilities max from the bard tree not that the tier 5 are so great anyways.Song duration short can be improved with epic lvls tho. Melee will be bad spelldamage mainly firewall wich is better then nothing. Songs very limited but ive a bard pl wich will help im contemplating the bard active pl too for 3 free inspire courage sings extra and freeing up song count to lock down mobs with enthrall.

Race human or half elf. A feat vs resists from paladin dillie having enough feats to work with i m more inclined to go half elf i choose human today for test build with dragonmark of passage. Lvl 4 spells are important defense wise death aura energy burst firewall stoneskin fire shield


Str 12 or 14
Dex probably 12 or so
Con max all lvl ups into con
Int high 16
14 charisma
Wis dont need as an undead enchantmant spells dont do a lot to you anyways.


Max disable and search perform heal for neg energy healing i made the mistake to go spellcraft instead today
Umd i dont know you can res people with reanimate and res clicky healscrolls i dont need i got acces to teleport gh gt res protection.. Tbh i dont need it for spells because i got everything i need and to just get it for rr purposes meh.. Concentration i gues in the start its nice not gonna max because i got quicken tho. Spellcraft probably not i got buyers remorse from it lol jump a lill got acces to jump spell same for tumble and swim merfolk blessing bard

Lvl progression 2 rogue 6 bard 12 wizard or 2 rogue 7 wizard3 bard 5 wizard 3 bard or 2 rogue 12 wizard 6 bard

Feats wizard 8 level if human 3 wizard 7 feats half elf 3 wizard

Quicken maximise extend barb pl bard pl insightful reflex augment summon 3 random dragonmark of passage
Dodge and mobility for 5% dodge

Okay im done shoot holes in it ;-D

Ty for reading if anyone does that is!

10-25-2013, 08:28 PM
Come on its mabar festival need some input on some undead bard.