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10-22-2013, 12:36 PM
Turbine appears to be on a trend to try and convince people to run more various amounts of quests. They're doing this through many of the recent changes they've made (Saga's, XP adjustments etc). I'm not here to discuss the good & bad options of those choices, there are many other threads out there for that topic, instead I'd like to toss out a few suggestions that I think would help with their goal.

Many people over time have made lots of great suggestions for "quality of life" changes in the game and many I've agreed with myself. Today I'd like to take time today to try and discuss a few things I feel are long overdue for an update and I think would further enhance the users experience when doing quests.

Add all setting completions to quest compendium

The first thing I'd like to see done is to have the N/H/E and Epic N/H/E displayed with the quests instead of just the highest completed. What I'm thinking here is provide a mouse-over window on the column that would display all the settings available for that quest (Heroic and Epic separated) and which of those you have personally completed.

Convert text commands to a UI

Over the years DDO has added many helpful "commands" to our chat windows. These commands, although valuable, are long overdue for a "real" location in the DDO Adventure Compendium. I don't want the commands removed, I'd just like to see them added to a more visual interface as well. An alternative to adding all these new tabs to the Adventure Compendium, we could also make an entirely new interface called "Recent Adventures" and place all on-going things such as these commands and possibly even Saga's (I'll return to Saga's later).

I want everything in their own tabs instead of simply adding columns to the original quest list. I believe this would make things quick and easy to access. I don't know about you, but sifting through hundreds of quests in that original list to find the single raid timer you want would be rather tedious. Yes, I could type in the name into the search, but I just want to click, open, view, leave. Neat & Tidy.

I'd like to break down each command and give some suggestions on how they could be presented to the user in a UI.


This command provides the user with a list of quests or raids that have timers attached to them and how long the player must wait until they can run them again.

I don't believe there are any quests that remain out there that have a timer on them, so for now I'll assume we're only going to worry about raids. Create a new tab called "Raids" and place all the raids in DDO in there. These would be displayed in the same format we see the regular quest list but an additional column should be added to display the time remaining before the player can run the quest/raid once again.

Not only would this make it easier to determine what timers you have left, it also allows the user to see what other raids are out there easier.

/quest completions

This command provides the user with a list of the number of times they've completed raids and quests, but only those that track completions.

Create a new tab called "Completions" and add all the quests and raids in this list and then add a new column. These *must* be separated to make them easier to track (one list for quests, a second list for raids). Again, this could use the same layout as the original quest compendium list.


This command provides the user with a list of quests/raids they've recently run and how much ransack they're currently taking should they run it again at that time.

Create a new tab called "Ransack" and add all the quests from this list only. Add in new columns to display the current ransack percent they'd take should they run it again and another to show how much time they'd have to wait until their ransack is clear entirely.

Saga's are in dire need of a proper UI

Okay, I'm going to ignore the current plans for Saga's being connected to TR'ing. Please, if you wish to discuss that, go visit one of the many great threads out there on the topic. Let's keep this one on topic please. Thanks.

When I first read about Saga's, I thought the concept was kind of neat; getting a bonus for running quests I'd probably run anyway, but maybe a few others just to get the kick-back.

I actually liked it.....

Until I saw it in practice....

I personally find it annoying to have to chase down NPC's to obtain my Saga list, determine what I have left on each one and figure out where I left off. For someone who only has 1-2 characters this isn't so bad, but many people have dozens they like to play on a regular basis and this current setup is a nightmare to say the least.

The NCP windows are small, annoying to use, and completely lack "Oh, this is cool" factor. Constantly having to go back to them is annoying. They're also scattered all over the place which makes tracking multiple even more annoying.

Don't get me wrong, the idea of Saga's is great, the UI implementation wasn't.

So I'd like to make some suggestions here. Let's take a look at the Monster Manual. This interface is great. It collects all the information without the user having to talk to people and it even gives you the rewards right from the interface (the AS bonuses, one's like xp are auto-granted). No running around, no flipping through multiple NPC windows, no horrible experience...well you get the point.

So using the Monster Manual as an example for something they did right, let's try to make a Saga Compendium that would be a fantastic view addition to their vision. I honestly believe if Turbine is serious about Saga's, they need to make a UI that shows their desires instead of something that simply doesn't do them justice.

Let's hit some key points on what should be included:

- Saga's should be auto-granted. You should never have to visit an NCP to obtain or track your progress.
- Separate Heroic and Epic Saga chains by different tabs so there is no confusion.
- List each Saga Chain as top-level in a tree. Make them expandable. In that expanded list, show each of the quests that Saga requires to be completed and the completion status of each of those (red for not completed, green as completed maybe)
- Each quest should also show the number of points you've current obtained for the setting completed, and the number of points more they could obtain by running a higher setting.
- The UI should also show the current number of points you've collected for each Saga and your options for expanding further (the AS buyout options should you choose)
- Once a Saga is completed it should show up as a different color with a button on it to collect your rewards. Again, you should not have to visit a NCP!
- Once a reward is obtained, the Saga should automatically reset and start over again. (obvious, but I'll list it anyway)

There's likely more I've missed, but hopefully you can see where I'm going with this.


There were by no means my only beef's with "quality of life" enhancements this game could use, but I figured I'd suggest these now since they seem to be a bit more on Turbine's radar these days and hopefully will be something they might consider.

Thanks all for reading, and of course, any feedback is always appreciated.


10-22-2013, 01:16 PM
I was mostly focused on the UI portions of Saga's, but I just found the post below which gets into much further details on other issues related to them. It's a great read if you're interested.