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10-22-2013, 09:41 AM
OK - I've been through all the discussions regarding Shiradi Casters. I've had 2 full lives of Shiradi and done various builds on Lama Land. Right now I'm lacking sleep (new baby) and am at L17 on my current Shiradi Caster's life.

Here's my dilemma - I was planning on going 16/2/2 (Sorc/FvS/Pally), but also was looking into the 16/4 (Sorc/FvS) build that's also out there. What I've been really considering is possibly even crazier and due to my lack of sleep and the general craziness that surrounds a newborn I don't have the time to test this on Lama if I want to even consider playing the little bit I do get to on Live.

Here it is:

14/4/2 (Sorc/FvS/Pally)

What I'm gaining: 4 FvS Levels give me the first 4 tiers of Angel of Vengence - quite a boost to Fire and Force Spells and Crit chance. 2 Pally levels give me the high saves that I'm not sure I can live without since I primarily Solo except for raids and guild nights. I'm not worried about my gear layout since I'm pretty well set from my past lives - It'll just need a little tweaking once I'm up above L25 and closing in on cap.

What I'm losing: I'm not planning on putting much into Air Savant, so I'll lose wings and KD immunity. I'm losing one spell each from Level 5,6,7, and 8 (I don't think I'm losing anything I can't live without or scroll) and...what else??? This is where I'm drawing a blank. Any help here would be appreciated and if all goes well I will be play testing/leveling on live, not on Lama, so I can report back on exactly how I build is put together.

Thanks for any input.

10-24-2013, 06:03 AM
OK - no feedback yet, but I'll give you my initial impressions to this point (L18 - 14/2/2 so far - Hoping to get to 20 this weekend)

Leveling is a cinch - you never run out of Mana. Scorching Ray, MM, CM, FM, FB, and DBFB are the spells of choice. Take 2 FvS levels at 5-6 (After you get Scorching Ray) or at 7-8 (After fireball) - I was experimenting so I took them at 5-6, but I would probably take them at 7-8 if I were to do this again.

I'll post more on this once I get to 20 and hammer out all of the enhancements, but as of right now, I deem this build "The Vengeful Toaster"

(BTW, this is NOT the same build as the 14/4/2 split I happened to see this morning since I had a few minutes o browse the Sorc. Forums This build requires WF, takes different (fewer since you don't get the Human bonus) feats, and will likely be slightly less powerful, but much more survivable.

10-28-2013, 10:45 AM
Guess the forums are dead during Mabar - (God I hate Mabar - Lag throughout the server when the doors open a-la Crystal Cove and very few people running regular content - I wish it would just END already!!!).

Anyways - I'm going on without any input - closing in on L20 and loving this build. I'm opening a new thread deemed the Toaster of Vengeance (I like Vengeful Toaster too, but opened the thread with my new official name) and will put all of my notes there so it'll be (hopefully) easier to find.

11-24-2013, 02:48 PM
I'm running a 14/4/2 build right now.

You have it pretty much right. 14 sorc gets you everything you need for Shiradi. 15 through 17 gets you nothing special. 18 gets you knockdown immunity, and not a whole lot else.

At level 24, I'm able to solo anything on Epic Hard. Haven't experimented a whole lot soloing Epic Elite, but it's looking pretty strong. And obviously a very strong damage and CC contributor in EE groups.

As far as levelling 1-20, well, you can do anything because sorcs just rock. :)

11-25-2013, 03:11 PM
Thanks for the late input - see "Toaster of Vengeance" in my sig. By The Way... I'm at L28 already and all I do is blow stuff up. I'm way ahead of looking for input any more, so please post any further comments in the Toaster of Vengeance thread.

Thank You