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10-22-2013, 08:19 AM
I believe that a new frame of thought and an adjustment to the current system could be done that would be helpful to all and please the bigger portion of players.

A new frame of thought:

Currently, when a character levels up, you speak with a trainer to simulate that you are actually training with that person. The xp you gained is spent, you train, and then you gain a new level from that trainer. This could be applied in a similar way for epic destinies. One could play in their active destiny, gain experience that they could spend with an epic destiny trainer to train them in whichever destiny you choose. A trainer for each destiny could be created for this purpose. New abilities are not learned in a quest, they are learned from trainers that teach you those abilities. Thinking of it in this way would fix the current system and make logical sense. When you want to learn some abilities from a destiny, you go to the respective epic destiny trainer and have them teach you. You still earn the exact same amount of many millions of XP. The difference is, you can play in the destiny you choose, which makes logical sense.

It really makes no sense whatsoever to suggest that a melee playing in a caster destiny represents the character learning something from that destiny. Especially when they are not even going to cast one single spell. How does running up to a troll and smacking it with your greataxe teach you how to cast spells with 10% fewer spell points? It's silly. Training is not done in quests. Training is done outside of quests and logically, training would be done by a trainer. Trainers teach you the new abilities which you master and then use while questing. My suggestion makes it all make logical sense and most importantly, is fun for the players. Pretty much everyone wants to play in a destiny that actually benefits their class. If you want the challenge of gaining xp in an inferior destiny, you could still speak to the appropriate epic destiny trainer and make an inferior destiny active. I still believe what is logical should prevail. I've completed all destinies the hard way on two toons but I don't think everyone else should now have to suffer because I did it the hard way. Play in the destiny of your choice, spend the xp at the trainer of the destiny you want to learn and most importantly, have FUN!

10-25-2013, 09:08 AM
So, can I get some a yea or nay and some explanation as to your choice?