View Full Version : 3x ranger - completionist build - EE Arcane archer or Arti final build? need feedback

10-21-2013, 11:00 AM
So i have just hit my completionist life with my main toon who has/was 3x past life ranger - Arti.

I am currently lvl 2o arcane archer (completionist) with +5 tomes and full compliment of gear (both Long bows and heavy repeaters as i was both ranger and arti in previous life(s)). I used an otto's box so went from lvl 8 to lvl 19 and have only used Arcane Archer for about 800K worth of questing...Primary focus is ranged DPS

1. Anybody have both Arcane archer and Arti end game builds? Who is more affective/more dps?
2. I guess i remember ranger (it's been a while....) being more of a beast build....not seeing the DPS unless going many shot..compared to Arti builds...

My final TR life was 8 arti/12 rogue so have a recent comparison for arti.

D10 heavy repeater vrs d8 bow
Rune arm 2d6ish additional damage
epic red dragon robes flame burst for both ranger or arti
arti elemental damage
arti conjured bolts scale to +5 at lvl 20 making all repeaters +5 to hit/+5 damage (stacks of 1000)
Ranger changed to just conjure 100% returning +1 arrows (most of my uber bows are +1 wounding of puncturning icy burst, banishing of pure good icy burst etc) losing +4 to hit +4 damage per arrow vrs bolt
ranger is str based so at lvl 20 sitting at 44 str/45 dex 530 hp/999 sp ( have bauble/500 store bought mana pots/500 major mnemoics account wide so mana no issue really)only getting +17 to hit and damage
max int based arti would be around 54-56 adds another 5 or 6 to hit and damage
BB/Flame turret/Tactical Det/much higher UMD - Ranger currently at 36

again just seems arcane archer is weaksauce compared to my arti life maybe just me and not enough time as arcane archer....

Feedback and comments appreciated.

I can LR 20 to arti (+1 umd past life) or any class really (pali for 5% heal amp) and be back to lvl 20 arti in 1 day with my ottos box. (currenlty elf ranger, not sure elf ideal for arti would probably go human or wf)



10-21-2013, 01:17 PM
Some quick responses to your questions:

-Monkcher is the most effective at pure ranged DPS. Arti vs Ranger depends on a lot of other things...if you're just talking pure classes, then Ranger does more potential pure physical ranged DPS, but Arti has more versatility. However, an Arti-Ranger multiclass will outshine either pure class for ranged DPS.

-AA will add to the enchantment of a bow, if its low....so your +1 bows, in the hands of an AA with the capstone and the T5 enhancement, will function as +8, that's why Summoned Arrows don't scale anymore. That means you get +8 even if you use other arrows (Xoriat, Deneith, DR-breakers, etc.) too, which was the point.

-Your ED is really going to define how well either build plays, past L20. FotW is going to give you the most DPS....Adrenaline + Manyshot + Slaying Arrows is probably the biggest burst DPS you can do. Adrenaline + Sniper Shot + Repeater is also good, and more sustainable than relying on MS.

If you want the max ranged damage though, you need to swap MS and 10KS for a +50% ROF bonus, which means Monkcher.