View Full Version : Iconcs based on items exclusive to them - Thoughts?

10-19-2013, 10:13 PM
I would like to see iconic heroes whose special abilities are not necessarily based on exclusive powers they have, but rather, exclusive items. Why is this, you ask? Well, I believe it would create more variety and story with the hero who has the item, which equals more fun! If this idea were to be implemented though, I would like to make the following suggestions on how these kind of heroes should be treated:

The majority of their power does NOT come from innate abilities; rather, it is based on items such as a weapon, armor, shield, or something that grows in power with the hero as they level in addition to whatever class abilities they would have from their class levels.
Whatever item that the iconic hero has that is exclusive to them CANNOT be destroyed or damaged in combat. Period. Likewise, it cannot benefit from upgrades on things such as the stone of change or cannith crafting hall unless otherwise specified.
The items a iconic hero uses are based on character level and not class level for the purposes of determining power.
It should be flexible enough to be useful on most viable multi-class builds for iconic heroes, yet still be powerful for the main build they possess (I.E.: Something that normally would benefit a melee character could provide benefits for spellcasting characters by giving bonuses to spellpower and such in the appropriate class taken. It may even unlock powers normally not available to the iconic hero!) This might be a tricky one, due to all the combinations of classes out there.
The iconic hero does NOT need to always have the item equipped if they choose.
Like or unlike current iconic heroes, if they TR to a different class, the iconic item they had is DESTROYED, and no longer present in their inventory or bank. Even so, they cannot wield it until they TR back to that specific iconic class.

If you are looking for a few examples of iconic heroes who almost always use special gear to do justice, I guess I could list a few examples:

Batman ('Nuff said. He's the only character I can think of who can evade in HEAVY armor.)
Issac Clarke (A everyday engineer with a knack for using a plasma cutter, stasis module and telekinesis module as lethal weapons.)
Gordon Freeman (Uses a hazmat suit for protection in addition to a variety of unique weapons.)
James Bond (Another adverse gadget user. And ladies man.)
Simon Belmont (A fine example considering he uses the vampire killer whip to slay dracula.)

On the other hand, a few BAD examples of iconic heroes who almost always use special gear to do justice include:

Superman (The overwhelming majority of his powers are natural abilities.)
Spider-man (Yes, in some versions, his web shooters are mechanical instead of natural. But mostly, his abilities are natural and fitting for a spider.)
A in-game character that uses gear that most any character can get and is not rare, not to mention weaksauce.
Dracula (Yes, I just had to point that out.)
A zombie (Usually they have NO gear and NO innate abilities.)

Overall, I think iconic heroes whose powers are based on exclusive items they wield and grow in power would be a great addition to the game due to the diversity they offer, as well as the different challenges they present. Thoughts?