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10-16-2013, 06:54 PM
How to make this long annoying quest a bit faster. The guide assumes basic knowledge of how the quest works.

Basics. The quest has plenty of trash. Killing trash takes time, but skipping too much brings alert level. Killing the easy mobs, and just the easy mobs, is the key for fast completion with low alert level. Killing Bebilith and Mistresses is almost never worth the time. Balancing alert level between none/green/yellow is the goal, if you reach orange, kill stuff more diligently for a while.

Important pointers for partymembers. If you're the last of the party, run forward until you're not the last. Otherwise kill stuff. Don't kill the hard mobs. If you have to kill a bebilith, try to do it by killing a mistress twice instead of killing mistress and bebilith separately.

Important pointers for Ana babysitter. Move forward. If Ana is left behind, move forward faster, she will teleport to you soon. If you're not the first player in the party, move forward even faster so you get to be first. Others are killing stuff, there's no excuse to be anything but the first player. When activating Ana, make sure you use the two options: make her passive AND be her shield. It's not an OR situation, you want to do both. It's crucial to stop her attacking when the group is leaving mobs alive.

The actual quest:

1) Upon entering the quest there are a couple of mobs, kill necro, kill mistress so she drains bebilith, kill mistress again, head down killing everything. This is the only recommended bebilith kill before the final islands.
2) Lolth + legs.
3) Run and kill every spider, and at least most of the drow assassins. Don't kill any of the mistresses.
4) When you get to the first portal, enter straight away, don't kill mistresses + bebilith
5) Miniboss, shrine while ana drains (if needed), move on.
6) After the first miniboss, run past bebiliths+mistresses (optional: kill the two assassins), zerg ahead killing easy stuff and bypassing mistresses / bebiliths.
7) There's a big fight with tons of mistresses before heading south to second portal. While party kills assassins, Ana babysitter should visit the island west to spawn mobs, and come straight back, just leave them there for step 9. Don't kill the mistresses. Moving forward with yellow alert is not recommended, but possible.
8) Head south, zerg to top, kill spiders that follow, enter portal when everybody's there (leaving mistresses and the rest of the mobs alive)
9) After miniboss dies, Ana drains orb while the other partymembers zergs onward. There should be mobs alive close by, kill some and move forward. There are more mobs in the island north+west (see step 7), by the time they die, Ana should be here already. Special note: Ana will follow, the Ana babysitter should jump down to head west like everybody else, there is no need whatsoever to walk around. When (when) she gets stuck, she'll teleport to you.
10) Head forward, kill some stuff depending on alert level, rush to the last island before lolth. Kill everything, trying to kill portal keepers last. Either pull mobs from top + shrine or just shrine + zerg up, second option is more laggy and has a bigger alert-level factor, but might be slightly faster on good party.
11) After Lolth flees, clear top + north side, be extra careful about killing portal keepers, especially the Necromancer south. If party has bluffer, bluff necromancer to top, kill him and win. If not, head south, kill everything but necromancer + mistress, make sure everything but those are dead, kill them and win.
11 notes) If you're not completely sure you should kill a portal keeper, don't kill it. Killing regular non-mistress mobs, always good. Badly timed portal keeper death can bring mayhem and 5-15 minutes worth of trash to kill. Delaying one kill can save a lot and lot of time here.
12) Enter portal, complain about loot.

I'm sure there are other ways to make things go faster, but these are just my generic hints that should work with any party and any difficulty.

10-16-2013, 08:25 PM
Nice guide. I always wondered why people said to only kill the drow spies. Now I know.

10-17-2013, 07:04 AM
Nice guide. I always wondered why people said to only kill the drow spies. Now I know.

Thanks. And yep, some leaders call out similar instructions, but many either kill everything (and there's alot of everything), and others skip some spiders, but religiously kill every bebilith and priestess. The quest will complete in all the cases, but proper skipping makes the difference between a 30-minute-run and a 60-minute-run.

I suppose the bebiliths and mistresses are always killed because they are always killed. Habit is a strong reason for doing things.