View Full Version : Advice on feats?

10-14-2013, 03:57 AM
So, I'm new, I don't have 32 point builds, and I rolled a cleric on a theory that D&D clerics are difficult to completely gimp unless you do something really stupid.

I usually solo a lot in a new game, but want to be able to team too and so went for middle-of the road build, - a human with 16 str and 16 wis and power attack and empower heal as initial feats. I took Cleave as the 3rd feat, but I'm not sure of where to go from there...

Would just Great Cleave give enough DPS for solo, with 4 remaining feats dedicated to improving heals? (Empower+Maximize, Mental Toughness and one feat left to fix whatever I don't like.)

Or is it easier to just forget healing ability and go for bastard/great sword proficiency, THF feats, and either Great Cleave or 1 extra metamagic?