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10-13-2013, 11:02 PM
Alright so i have a toon im looking at TRing (not having fun with him anymore), and there's a monk build i've been wanting to play... except i cant find the thread for it anymore. if my memory serves me right it was 15(or 16 i think) monk, 3 druid, 1 to 2 rogue. i've tested it out on a lowbie and it's pretty fun... however im thinking of tweaking it a bit, here's what im thinking.

15 monk/3 druid/2 ranger
thinking with ranger i could get some spell power boosts, some tempest bonuses as well as minor arcane archer bonuses and give myself some monkcher-ish bonuses for those times when having a manyshot would help. not to mention i dont really want to explain why i dont have trap skills everytime i join a lfm. <_<

Also thinking going helf, either rogue or cleric dilly (easy use heal scrolls, or switching to get some sneak bonuses once i can no fail heal). could be swayed to go with another race if absolutely necessary, but helf is just my preferred race.

However seeing as i've not really played monks much before, so i've got a couple questions.

1. light vs dark? light seems to have some decent top teir stuff, however i always thought dark monk was cool but after looking at it... i get the feeling that turbine is forceing me to use SS. i hate SS... im not a rogue, i want to punch/kick stuff. >:|

2. henshin mystic worth it? i kinda like alot of the bonuses it offers... but seeing as i wont be using a staff, i get the feeling it would be pretty lack luster to say the least. but void strike looks pretty cool.

3. stances? i recall a buddie who played a monk years ago being all "fire stance is teh awesome" is that still the case? to me earth stance or water stance seems to be like it would be much more useful due to the defensive bonuses they offer, however ki gen seems to suck in them... but if im wrong feel free to point and laugh.

ummm... think thats about it. oh before i forget i personally dont build (or play for that matter) in EE stuff... (i solo alot and i'm not awesome enough to solo EE).

Anyway thanks in advance for any help and advice you guys are willing to churn out for a monk nub. ;D