View Full Version : Change how LRing works

10-13-2013, 04:54 PM
I don't have much experience with LRing, perhaps because the few times I have tried it, what should be a very simple process has ended up being, quite simply, hell. Here's a quick example.

So recently, I wanted to turn a 18sorc/1arti/1barb into a 16wiz/2mnk/2fvs using a +20 heart. Simple, right? Can't mess up with a +20 heart?

Not so.

The character was True Neutral. I bought an alignment change to lawful neutral. I could not use it yet, due to the barb level. So I used the LR and figured I would use the alignment change at level 1, so I could take monk levels after that.

Oh, the alignment tablet is only usable in taverns?

Oh, the airship doesn't count as a tavern?

Oh...so I have to level to 20, then sail into stormreach and find a tavern, use the alignment change and then ANOTHER damn heart of wood to get BACK on the airship so I can take 2 monk levels?

Not my first poor experience with LRing, and I doubt it will be the last. Please iron out LRing, preferably before epic "TRing" hits the game. It's possible to always get LRing right and have it go smoothly, but it's far, far too easy to have it go very awry as well.

You may sell MORE hearts of wood and alignment changes by making these intertwining processes needlessly hair-wrenching, but you will not make people happy.

Specific suggestions:

-Make alignment changes and hearts of wood refundable within an hour of purchase (I KNOW this will never happen but this is what SHOULD be done.)
-Allow LRing characters to use alignment changes on the "fart of wind"-if their current classes allow it.
-Allow you to go BACKWARDS in the process if you make a mistake-even starting completely over.
-Allow you to stop at any level and leave the airship-with an option to come back later.
-Have something that allows you, in game, to plan out how the LRing will work. ie, I have an 18arti/2mnk going to 16arti/2mnk/2rgr, how much +X heart of wood do I need if I want to take mnk at 2nd and 3rd and rgr at 1st and 4th level?
-Some way to CHECK what levels you took what classes BEFORE you LR. Staring at a multiclass character you made and capped a year or two ago that you are about to LR....turbine, you think every player remembers their leveling order of every character? It's important when LRing and it would be nice to check that information.
-Put Freds brother Ted on the airship...people don't just mess up a feat in eberron, they mess em up above it as well.

Overall, just make the process more friendly and less devastating if you mess up. It's quite sloppily done now at the moment. A very large # of people I have talked to have had unexpected things happen during LRs. Many were confused/unhappy with the process or result. On the other hand, many were happy with how it went. But that should be 100% of the people, and right now it is far from that.

I've heard that LRing is just "one of those things" that sucks to do and hopefully your character comes out the end of the tunnel in one piece. It shouldn't be accepted one of those things that players have to put up with. It should be better than that.