View Full Version : Suggestion to change the way SLAs work

10-13-2013, 06:54 AM
I love playing casters, but I never liked the way spell-like abilities are implemented in DDO.

This is specially true for Archmage SLAs, which I believed are way too set in stone and do not really allow many good options. Many times you have to get spells you simply don't want just to get to new tiers. Also, the concept of giving another spell in the form of SLA instead of modifying an existing spell is bad IMO. You not only have to find another slot in your hotkey bar, but this also changes the cooldown of the spell for no reason. I'd like to see all SLAs to simply work as modifiers to existing spells, allowing free metamagic and making them work on anti-magic fields. This would not change the spell cooldown, cost and mechanics, just allowing you to easily enhance it.

For example, for the Archmage tree I would like to see something like this:

- 1st SLA: Choose any level 1 <school> spell you can cast. You can apply metamagic on this spell for free, and this spell is considered a spell-like ability. Your maximum sp is decreased by X.
- 2nd SLA: Choose any level 2 <school> spell you can cast...
- and so on....

I understand allowing people to choose any spell instead of the usual set list can be powerful, so putting back to old "your maximum sp are decreased by X" can be useful in some cases.

And that's it.
Just something I'd really like changed eventually in DDO. Not only for Archmage, but all SLAs.