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10-08-2013, 02:39 PM
I was lvl 18 not quite a rank from 20 and picked up a LR +1 stone in my weekly roll. I read about the cleric splash a while back, but never saw anyone actually do it. So I figured, what the heck, take 19 as a cleric and see how things go. If it sucks I'll eat the free stone and reroll back to where I was.

Toon so far is 16/2 bard/rogue. All level ups into CHA. No EDs. +4 tomes and completionist feat with ship buffs.

Divine Might, first tier enhancement. Costs 1 AP for core, and 1 AP for each tier of the enhancement.

34 CHA is +12 str. For 4 ap total, you can get it to last 2 mins. It stacks with Skaldic and the rage spell. I also have gloves of the titan (+6 psionic) and that stacks as well. Massive, huge difference in dps as you would expect. Trip also works a lot more reliably.

I'm thinking it makes more sense to drop points out of STR (I started with 16) and put them in other places. This toon is trying to do everything, but CHA and DEX (for reflex saves) would probably be top of the list. Every 2 points in CHA means another point of STR in Divine Might, as well as a few more sp for spamming Divine Might constantly. Also ups the DC of other useful spells like hold and disco ball to make them more useful.

This is quite a bit more interesting than the old 16/2/2 version of the old bard, although I miss the 2 fighter feats. You can still have a CHA based bard that can have some very nice dps pretty sustainably. It's a little fiddly with using Master's touch and my golfbag of weapons, as well as the various songs and Divine Might all at the same time. But I suspect with a bit of practice it will become second nature.

Just thought I'd share, ymmv, etc.